Stretch Mark Removal Toronto

Stretch Mark Removal Toronto

Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks? Growth spurts, pregnancies, and changes in your body weight are some of the many factors resulting in deep linear lesions (but not only) called Stretch Marks. The common belief is that only women suffer from Stretch Marks however, many men and even children might suffer from this uncomfortable condition. Stretch marks commonly appear on the breasts, abdomen, hips, and thighs and even on the triceps brachii.

Can I Develop Stretch Marks?

Here’s a list of those who are likely to develop Stretch marks more easily than others: 

  • Women
  • Family history of stretch marks
  • Patients using corticosteroid medications
  • Pregnancy
  • Caucasian (having pale skin)
  • Overweight
  • Dramatic gain or weight loss

Stretch marks grow and deepen over time.  When collagen, or protein is stretched to the point of ripping (sounds painful, but really you don’t feel it), it becomes “disorganized collagen”.  Stages of collagen are typically measured as 1-3, one being organized, and 3 being not.  Damage may become irreversible at a certain stage, so it’s important to act fast. Laser stretch mark removal treats mild to moderate stretch marks, but may not be as effective for deeper ones.

Although surgical treatments are proven to be the most effective for stretch mark removal and body, laser treatments are a great option if you want to avoid going under the knife because they provide a non-invasive resolution with minimal to no downtime.  Laser may also aid when having the treatment done in conjunction with surgery.

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Laser stretch mark removal expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to laser stretch mark removal.  Stretch marks will not be removed 100%.  This is why you should always have a detailed consultation with your medical aesthetician prior to proceeding with the treatment.

By using sublative/ablative laser technology, CO2 fractional resurfacing as well as skin tightening laser  we are able to stimulate collagen using penetrative heat, and slough off dead skin by using superficial heat.  This causes the stretch marks to appear more superficial, and less noticeable.  Most patients see a difference after their first session, however, usually a minimum of 3-5 sessions are required for optimal results.

Laser stretch mark removal side effects

Laser stretch mark removal is safe for almost all skin types, and no side effects typically occur.  It is important to keep the treatment area away from heat and sunlight at all times.  Some patients report temporary hyperpigmentation on the treatment area, which normally dissipates over several months.


Why Laser Hair Removal is Your Best Investment?

Laser Hair Removal

We all know that laser hair removal is the most popular way to remove hair in this modern day. When you consider your alternatives, it might just get a little bit confusing. What are the pros and cons of all the other methods?  And why is laser hair removal is your best investment?

Pros of Laser Hair Removal:

  • The treatment is permanent: laser hair removal is a permanent treatment once a patient fully completes the required amount of sessions for their skin type, hair type, hormone levels and with as little as 6-8 sessions done at a continuous basis.
  • It costs less than waxing: waxing on a monthly basis might cost more than the laser hair removal treatments. When you choose a place that allows flexible payment plans, you will discover that within 24 months you will pay the same amount of money for both laser hair removal and waxing. With laser hair removal, the payments stops after 2 years while waxing requires consistent treatment for 20 or 25 years.
  • Only done once a month: Committing to 6-12 treatments may sound like a lot for some people, however, considering the treatment is only done once every 4-8 weeks, 15 minutes to an hour of time seems minimal, if you consider the results you will achieve.
  • The treatment is 100% safe: Many still speculate the safety of laser hair removal.  This treatment cleared by FDA the in the early 1990’s, and has grown in popularity since then.  It is completely safe, and only targets the hair follicle, without affecting the skin or tissue surrounding it.
  • The treatment is quick: A typical laser hair removal treatment can take an average of 10 minutes to an hour to complete.  This allows for flexibility in the busy life of the average Canadian.  Many of our patients come by on their lunch break to have the treatment done, with plenty of time leftover to enjoy their meal before heading back to the office.
  • No Downtime: Say goodbye to downtime.  After the treatment, patients may expect to see mild erythema (redness) that typically lasts for 10-30 minutes, PLUS you don’t have to put up with that sticky feeling associated with waxing or similar treatments
  • Painless: Gone are the days where numbing cream was applied prior to the treatment, and icing the treatment area was a necessity post treatment. With the modern technology we acquire at Canada MedLaser, the treatment is painless thanks to our built in laser cooling systems.

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Cons of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Commitment: Some patients are not ready or cannot commit to a minimum of 6 months of continuous laser hair removal treatments due to various reasons.  If you are getting this treatment done on a new area for the first time, it is important to stick to it with the same clinic and laser throughout, for effective results.
  • The treatment is permanent: This definitely falls in the “pro” category, however, it may also be considered a “con”.  If you are unsure that you want the hair in the treatment area to be permanently removed, you might want to think twice before committing to the treatment.
  • Sun exposure must be limited: When treating areas that are often exposed to the sun (especially the face), it is important to use a sunscreen SPF 30+ on a daily basis to avoid sun damage.  Be sure to consult with your medical aesthetician on sunscreen brands that are suitable, as not all are created equal.  Also, if you are planning on going to the beach, schedule your laser treatment at least 2 weeks prior or after your beach time.  Tanning should be avoided for safety.
  • Laser does not treat white /gray hair: Laser hair removal is most effective on dark hair.  When the hair has less pigment, the treatment may take longer.  If the hair is white or gray, the laser will simply prove to be ineffective.