Secret Places You Never Knew You Could CoolSculpt


CoolSculpting is a fantastic fat reducing technology that is designed to help freeze away stubborn fat. Abdomen, legs, love handles and back flanks are some of the most common cases for CoolSculpting. Stubborn fat can appear almost anywhere on the body and can be extremely challenging to remove.


With the use of cryolipolysis, this technology can reduce fat cells by 25% in a given session. This technology can even work on more unusual spots on the body that are not typically treated. With the use of CoolScultping, a healthy diet and exercise, you can blast those stubborn areas of fat now and feel better than ever! CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive and has no downtime required.


Double chin

A fairly typical area for people that seek out CoolSculpting. The double chin is the area underneath the chin that causes the illusion of a second chin due to unwanted fat or sagging. This area can be very frustrating to target because there are not many exercises dedicated to this area and the fat can be stubborn. Using a smaller size applicator built for the chin area, you can blast away your double chin in under an hour.


Man breasts

Many men deal with fat developing on their chest, and it can be a frustrating occurrence for some men and impact their self-esteem. As we age, fat becomes more and more stubborn and losing fat can be a big challenge that can take longer than usual. Thankfully, CoolSculpting can help you eliminate chest fat faster and keep man breasts gone for good.


Pelvic region

The area below the abdomen can be a tricky spot for some women, especially after giving birth. It is not quite the stomach area but is right underneath, which can be a pain to target during workout sessions. This area can be very distressing for some people since it is an unusual place to store fat. CoolSculpting can be a perfect solution for stubborn pelvic fat since it helps eliminate fat cells in specific areas.

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The legs are a usual place that most of us struggle with when we gain undesired weight. Unfortunately, some people may experience more substantial weight gain on the knees, which can be irritating and a painful place to store fat. Stubborn fat can linger above the knees even if you have success with losing fat on your thighs. CoolSculpting can help you get rid of that hard to burn area and have the legs of your dreams!


Dealing with stubborn fat can be a draining task. Even with a balanced diet and exercise, it can seem almost impossible to burn – especially in the uncommon areas of the body. Choosing CoolSculpting to your routine can help eliminate that hard to burn fat fast so you can live your life without any worries. Feel completely confident in the skin you’re in!

Skin Resurfacing – which is the best treatment for you?

Skin resurfacing treatment

Wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun spots, acne scars and even pimples are all conditions that can be aided by the use of skin resurfacing treatments. Even if you follow an extensive daily and nightly skincare routine, your skin issues may never entirely clear the way you desire.


Skin resurfacing is also known as skin rejuvenation; it resurfaces your skin to reveal a fresher and brighter layer of skin by producing new skin cells and collagen. Skin resurfacing treatments are safe and effective, but some procedures may differ depending on your skin condition, skin type, budget and the results you wish to achieve.


Which is right for you?

Skin resurfacing can be a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a fresh and rejuvenated look. Fortunately, there are many non-invasive treatments available to help resurface the skin at cosmetic and laser clinics. Before deciding on any form of skin resurfacing, be sure to make a consultation with a nurse or doctor to find which is right for you!

Fraxel Laser

This skin resurfacing laser is a treatment that can help fight signs of aging and heal acne scarring. Using a laser that damages the top layer of skin so the skin can help improve itself. This treatment is non-invasive but does provides longer downtime and can take up to 7-10 days to heal and some antibiotics may be provided to avoid infections. This treatment can also be very costly as many treatments may have to be provided to achieve results.


CO2 Fractional Laser

Another laser treatment that resurfaces by removing the top layer of damaged skin that can help aid sun spots, wrinkles and other signs of aging. This treatment also demands longer downtime of up to 7-10 days and has a more painful process that can require numbing prior to treatment. This treatment is only available for lighter skin tones and is not inclusive of all skin tones, unfortunately.

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Microneedling is an extremely successful procedure done to resurface the skin by puncturing the skin with 12 tiny needles to create columns. Through the small lesions in the skin, the skin works actively to heal itself by producing new skin cells and collagen in a completely natural manner. The puncture holes are incredibly tiny, so this only has slight discomfort and does not require much downtime. All skin conditions and skin types are available for this treatment.


Chemical Peels

A quick and effective treatment for those looking to help resurface acne prone skin. With the use of a chemical peel, the peel is applied to the face for a short period. The solution is used to help peel off the top layer skin to reveal a fresher and healthier layer of skin. This treatment is perfect for anyone that does not want much downtime and is very affordable. A few treatments are recommended to achieve the outcome you want.


PRP (The Vampire Facial)

A natural process that uses the plasma from your blood to help resurface your skin. Perfect for anti-aging, acne scarring, pigmentation, and overall skin rejuvenation. This process is done by drawing your blood and isolating the plasma in the blood and reinjecting it into the face. Plasma is known to help heal your body, so it resurfaces the skin by improving any skin conditions. This treatment is recommended for clients with wrinkles and acne scarring, no downtime is required and has outstanding results.

The Brazilian or the Bikini: Go Hair-Free for the Summer

The Brazilian or the Bikini- Go Hair-Free for the Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and that means bikini season! If you are sitting on the dock in Muskoka or lounging at the beach or your backyard with friends, knowing that you don’t have to worry about unwanted hair can be a huge relief.


One of the most common laser hair removal procedures for men and women is ridding any undesirable pubic hair. Many of us have very thick and fast growing hair that can be a severe pain in the summer when being in a bathing suit or shorts is a common occurrence. Laser hair removal will slow the growth of hair and will completely vanish it after all treatments are finished. Not only does it permanently remove the growth of hair, you no longer need to worry about painful ingrown hairs and razor bumps that come along with shaving.


Spring is the perfect time to start your treatment for laser hair removal. By the time summer rolls around, you will have had multiple treatments done, and hair growth will slow down tremendously, so you don’t have to worry about daily or even weekly shaving sessions. Staying out of the sun for at least two weeks after treatment is recommended after laser hair removal sessions – another reason to get it done before the summer!


The Gentle Max Pro is the laser used for laser hair removal treatment. With the Gentle Max Pro, it has settings used to accommodate your exact skin colour and hair thickness and can rid you of any hair without damaging your skin. With this laser, patients will only need 6-10 treatments to see desired results. There is no numbing required and is practically pain-free!

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The Bikini Laser


The bikini area is a very popular treatment for people who want to look smooth and hair-free in a bathing suit but don’t want to get rid of all hair. The bikini laser removes all hair that you would see on your bikini line, which is unwanted hair that pops out of the sides of your bikini or on the sides of the thigh, stomach, etc. Although many women and men shave and wax this area, that can be timely and create ingrown hairs and embarrassing red bumps or cuts.


Choosing laser hair removal for your bikini line is the most excellent option because it immediately slows the growth, the thickness of hair, eliminates it entirely and you will never have to worry about shaving again.


The Brazilian Laser


The Brazilian wipes out any hair in the pubic area. No need to worry about painful waxes and uncomfortable shaving or bumps ever again. This laser treatment will completely rid any hair, so you are always entirely smooth and hair-free all summer. If you are someone who hates having to deal with pubic hair, even passed the bikini line, this treatment is for you!


The Bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are very easy, quick and a virtually painless way to see the results to you want without the daily or weekly shaving or waxing session. Get the smooth and flawless skin you’ve always wanted this summer! What are you waiting for?! Start today!

The Fastest Way to Clean Up Acne Scars

The Fastest Way to Clean Up Acne Scars | Laser Acne Treatment

Acne can be an irritating and troublesome condition. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you treat your skin; acne can be caused by hormones that you cannot control. After acne diminishes, acne scars can appear and can be even more frustrating than the acne itself.


Just like anywhere else on the body, when we get injured, our skin heals itself and can leave unwanted scars. Acne scars that appear as dark spots are known as acne marks and can disappear with time. Other acne scars can be extremely deep and leave holes in the skin (ice pick and boxcar scars) and can be exceedingly hard to clear.


It is commonly known that picking or popping pimples can cause scars, that’s not the leading cause. Acne scars can be caused by inflamed pores that damage the skin tissue. Whiteheads or blackheads rarely result in scarring, but acne cysts and nodules can leave severe skin damage. Picking and popping your pimples can delay the healing process and sometimes leave hyperpigmentation (acne marks) in its place.


Even with expensive products and a consistent and healthy skin care routine, acne scars can still stay present on the skin. Thankfully, there are medical aesthetic treatments that are offered that can help clear up acne scars in no time! Try one of these treatments and walk away with stunning and flawless skin.

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Microneedling is a treatment that uses 12 tiny little needles to fracture the skin to help produce collagen. This treatment is ideal for acne scars because it creates new skin cells and reduces blemishes. The treatment has little downtime required, and only 4-6 sessions are needed to promote better-looking skin!


Microneedling is a treatment that should always be done in a cosmetic clinic. “Derma Rolling” is also a type of Microneedling that can be done from home using a Derma Roller. Derma Rolling is not recommended because it can be unsanitary and can lead to infections, which can leave your acne scars looking much worse.


PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Notoriously known as the “Vampire Facial”, PRP is a treatment done to help rejuvenate the skin by using your blood. A nurse or doctor draws your blood and removes the white and red blood cells and then reinjects it into the face. What is left of the blood is known as “plasma” which helps promote healing and support cell growth. This treatment is extremely efficient and has excellent effectiveness for deep scaring. You will see the best results three months after treatment.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a fantastic way to target both acne and acne scarring. Using trichloroacetic acid (TCA), the peel is applied to the face for a short period. The substance will cause your face to peel which will reveal a fresh layer of skin and produce elasticity and collagen. Using chemical peels, the treatment speeds up the natural shedding process to reveal brighter skin cells. Combining chemical peels with Microneedling is a terrific way to see results fast!


Which should you choose?

Using a combination of these acne treatments is a clever way to achieve the best and fastest results. All of these treatments are excellent options to get your best skin possible! Book a consultation to figure out which is right for you.