Best Treatments for Wedding Season

Treatments for Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us! Last Saturday the world watched as the wedding of the decade took place. Behind the scenes of any wedding, lots of preparation goes in and looking perfect can be a process. If it’s your big day arriving soon, or you are a part of a wedding party, everyone always wants to look their most beautiful as they reconnect with old family and friends.


Hair and makeup help you look your best, but prior beauty treatments can help you look astonishing for one of the biggest days of your life. Choosing the right treatments can require some research and consultations before finding the proper cure for you. Here are some beauty treatments that are great to consider before the big day!


Botox / Dermal Fillers


If you are looking to diminish signs of wrinkles or plump up your lips or a quick nose fix, Botox or fillers can be the right choice before a big event like a wedding. It is recommended to start this treatment as early as possible so you can have enough time to design the look you desire. The last treatment is recommended four weeks before the wedding date. Receive a five-minute nose job, diminish your crow’s feet or create bigger lips with the use of injectables. Look younger and fresher without anyone knowing what you did!




If you are wearing a tight suit or dress, or your honeymoon is coming up, everyone wants to look a few inches slimmer. If you are someone who struggles with stubborn fat in unpleasant areas that may show such as back flanks, double chin or any other area that bothers you while dressed up. CoolSculpting may be the right treatment for you. It is recommended this treatment is received 5-6 months before a special event. With a powerful fat-freezing technology, CoolSculpting will blast 25% of stubborn fat away! This treatment is very popular with celebrities so they can always look their best.

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Vampire Facelift


A popular treatment with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, this treatment can help you appear fresh and rejuvenated without receiving surgery. With the use of your blood, the plasma from your blood is acquired and used to be reinjected into your skin and the process is completely natural. With the use of the plasma ejected from the blood, it helps the skin and cells heal itself and reveal more youthful, plump and healthy skin. Combining the vampire facelift with Microneedling is recommended to help you achieve your absolute best appearance. Receive this treatment a few weeks before your event and look amazing!


AquaPure Facial


This hydrating facial is the perfect option for someone who wants to maintain their skin and have a fresh look a week or so before a big event. This facial helps diminish the look of fine lines, acne, acne scarring, pigmentation and dry skin. The treatment provides four different procedures in one single session. It starts with exfoliation to reveal softer skin, an electric current to help tighten skin, a microcurrent that helps produce collagen, tightens the muscles and diminish wrinkles, and lastly a cooling/heating treatment that targets either sensitive or acne prone skin to finish off the facial.

5 Best Post-Pregnancy Beauty Treatments

5 Best Post-Pregnancy Beauty Treatments


Pregnancy can be a beautiful and remarkable experience for women. Motherhood is a life-defining moment that will forever change you, but it can come along with some unwanted physical side effects. Some experience weight gain, while others will experience post-pregnancy skin conditions and worst case, some can experience both.


Post-pregnancy skin can be caused by the hormones in your body changing drastically. Acne, melasma, dry skin and spider veins are all skin conditions you can experience after having a baby. Fortunately, there are many non-invasive cosmetic treatments available to help you get back your flawless pre-baby skin and body!


If you suffer from…



This can be a very challenging skin condition since it creates hyperpigmentation on the face that can be hard to control. Melasma is pigmentation on the skin that appears like dark spots or sun spots and UVB rays can make melasma worse. One of the best beauty treatments for melasma is chemical peels. A tiny layer of acid is applied to the face to help remove dead skin cells and reveal a rejuvenated appearance. With the use of the peel, a newer and healthier layer of skin is exposed to help diminish the appearance of pigmentation caused by melasma.


A skin care routine is essential to help deal with this skin condition. SPF is very crucial because it will help stop sun damage before it occurs and it will protect your skin from aging prematurely. Vivier’s Triple Protection Sunscreen with SPF 30 will protect your skin from further damage and keep your skin from suffering from melasma before and after pregnancy.



Hormonal acne can be the worst type of acne to deal with. Even if you have a fabulous skin care routine is, and your diet is nutritious, acne can still appear on the skin. While those are important for healthy and acne-free skin, there are many cosmetic treatments you can receive to help battle off hormonal acne after pregnancy. Chemical peels are also recommended for acne as it helps your skin reveal smoother and healthier skin by peeling off the top layer.


The AquaPure facial is a hydrating facial system that offers a four-step treatment that helps fight off acne. Using the four-step system, it helps remove dead skins cells, removes pimples, nourishes and hydrates and provides a vibrating massage to help firm the muscles and skin.

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Spider Veins

Spider veins, also known as varicose veins, can appear after pregnancy due to hormones and increased blood circulation. Spider veins can seem impossible to treat because they are underneath the skin, but they can be quickly erased with the use of a laser. With the GentleMax Pro Laser, you can reduce the appearance of spider veins without invasive treatments. 1-4 treatments are recommended to banish spider veins for good completely!


Dark Eye Circles

The most tell-tale sign of motherhood is restlessness. Don’t let your eyes show that! Under eye shadows can be a pain since sometimes creams don’t do the job. Dermal fillers can help erase under eye bags and help renew your look. With the use of dermal fillers, Hyaluronic acid is injected into the eye area to reveal a brighter complexion and erase those hours of missed sleep!


Stubborn Fat

One of the hardest post pregnancy struggles women find is getting rid of baby fat. Baby fat can also be known as stubborn fat and can be extremely hard to get rid of even with a balanced lifestyle. CoolSculpting is the best and most successful non-invasive treatment that eliminate 25% of fat cells. CoolSculpting is the perfect step to get back your pre-pregnancy body and feel better than ever.



Best Treatments For Mom This Mother’s Day

Treatments For Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better gift to treat mom to then pampering herself!? Looking good means feeling good! Spring is the perfect time to treat your mom to beauty treatments before summer rolls around. A thoughtful and unique gift for mom if she usually does not treat herself to cosmetic treatments!



Botox and Fillers can be an incredible gift for someone that would never typically buy themselves this treatment. With the use of Botox and Dermal Fillers, a solution is injected into the face to help treat fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on the face. Erase years off the face without surgery and minimal downtime! Everyone wants to look younger, why not help mom look as young as she feels?



A perfect gift for a post-pregnancy mother or someone who is trying to get fit before summertime. In as little as one session, mom can walk out with 25% less fat cells! Along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, she can look her very best and get rid of stubborn fat that has bothered her for years or that baby fat that just won’t go away. CoolSculpting can be an incredibly unique gift for someone that is not familiar with the use of it!


Laser Hair Removal   

Gift mom to never shaving again. If your mom is someone who has always hated waxing or shaving, this gift is for her! Buying a package for laser hair removal is a thoughtful and clever gift that will keep your mom happy for months, and even years to come! Laser hair removal is ideal in the Springtime before summer hits, and wearing a bikini and shorts is a common occurrence.

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AquaPure Facial

Pamper her with fresh and hydrated skin! The AquaPure facial is a facial system used to help reduce the look of uneven skin tone, pigmentation, fine lines and acne. With just a single use the AquaPure facial can change the texture and appearance of your skin! Truly a perfect gift for someone who is interested in skincare and skin maintenance.


Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation is also known as sunspots, which can occur over time after spending time in the sun. If your mom loves the sun and tanning is a regular event, it’s most likely she suffers from pigmentation. With the use of lasers, sunspots can be erased in no time and help mom look flawless.


Combining some of these treatments can be the ultimate gift to helping your mom feel amazing this summer! Mother’s Day is the best day of the year to show mom how grateful you are of her. Give the gift of beauty and help mom feel rejuvenated and youthful.