CoolSculpting Toronto – Double Chins Negatively Impact People’s Lives

CoolSculpting Toronto

The Greek saying dictates that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone can definitely agree it’s a subjective matter: what one may find attractive does not automatically generalizes the opinion. Everyone is into different traits and has different preferences around the world. Although there are some certain common belief when it comes to physical beauty.

One survey, for instance, has tried to uncover what women and men find attractive in a potential partner. Men’s responses revealed that the main most important decision-making factor is the face, with almost 46% saying that is what they care about most. Contrary to popular belief, women respondents seem to be much less concerned with the face with only 2% saying it matters more than anything else. Rated as highest were the chest (24%), followed by hair (22%) and arms (19%). These preferences show that with women, being fit is one of the main aspects they look for in their partner. In another recent survey which looked at 2,000 people of various sexual preferences, pretty eyes is what does it for both straight men and women as well as gay. However, jawline and neck followed in the top 3 attractive facial features.

If there’s one key learning to take away from these studies is that making sure we are doing our very best to take care of our faces, keeping them healthy and radiant is important. For some people, it’s easier, and cleaning products and facial creams are the only things needed to do the trick. However when looking at the bigger picture, jawline and neck are also areas that require attention. Many often neglect how the neck plays a key role in holding the beauty.

Double chins are an issue many people both men and women face. Certainly it’s nothing to be ashamed of and truth being told, it doesn’t mean a person is overweight, here factors that are out of our hands such as age and genetics have an impact on skin sagging. Regardless of the fact that it can simply be a result of the chin retaining too much water or a hereditary predisposition, double chins are causing distress to a lot of people.

A 2017 survey commissioned by pharmaceutical company Allergan, a dedicated player in dermatology, aimed to get a better understanding of the personal impact extra chins have on individuals and their perceptions. The study involved almost 2,000 participants aged 18 to 56 years old. Findings reinforced previous assumptions with nearly half (47%) of all respondents say they are bothered by their double chin and 2% more considering it negatively affects their appearance. About the same percentage (45%) felt like others are taking notice of this and it causes them to feel self-conscious and as a result, they change their behaviour. About 35% are shying away from being photographed and just as many avoid as much as possible video calls. Even more so, 29% of male respondents said they have intentionally grown a beard to hide their double chin.

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Like other tough-to-get-rid-of problems such as cellulite or acne, double chins pose a complicated challenge for many. In addition to exercise and treatment, there are additional options such as face-tightening skin masks, surgery or injectables. As of more recently, an innovative option has seen the light of the day. CoolSculpting® treatment is the first and only non-surgical FDA approved fat reduction technology which has been shown to improve the appearance of double chins. Clinical trials proved that fat was reduced by 20% after only one treatment, which is nothing short than incredible news.

At the core of this treatment sits a technique known as cryolipolysis which involves the application of cooling to noninvasively reduce subcutaneous fat. Following an 18-week clinical study, as many as 77% of participants showed lax tissue improvement and 75% of them reported their chin looked more toned. Another study which was significantly smaller showed similar benefits. Lasting 12 weeks and involving 14 participants, the majority women, aimed to evaluate the reduction in unwanted subcutaneous fat in the neck. Each patient received up to two treatment cycles per visit with each session being administered every six weeks. Cooling cycles were applied at –11°C for 45 minutes using a small vacuum-like cup called a cryolipolysis applicator. Results were again extremely positive: an average reduction of 2.0 mm both in the front and side of the chin was achieved. Moreover, respondents themselves were greatly satisfied with outcomes: 93% said they are very happy with the results, 93% would recommend CoolSculpting® to a friend and 79% considered their appearance already improved and felt less self-conscious about their double chin.

Non-invasive body contouring is considered to be the fastest growing category in the aesthetic market in Canada and the U.S.. Interestingly enough CoolSculpting® treatment seems to be attracting more new patients than ever before into the world of aesthetics, according to a company presentation held at the industry leading JPMorgan Healthcare Conference in 2017.

Numbers show that half of the people who have tried it or prospects who have visited the website are highly likely to get the procedure within 12 months. The main reasons remain similar with previous reports: to regain confidence, look better and reduce extra fat in a specific area. Estimates say 50% of people are entirely new to the treatment and about 52% have never had any cosmetic procedures before. With over 5,000 people treated in clinical trials, there is an estimated global opportunity of over $4 billion. With continuous research and investment in perfecting the CoolSculpting® treatment, hopes for the future include a reduction in treatment time, greater comfort and more tissue treated.

Not everyone is as so lucky as to be born with a perfect body but that is in no way a sentence. We all deserve to feel happy and confident in our skin and sometimes it means putting a little bit more effort into it. People have certain images of themselves in their heads and that shouldn’t be too far-reaching in reality.

Gen Z And Millenials – Major Lip Injections Enthusiasts

Botox vs. Fillers

Living in the world of selfies, insta photos, video calls, snapchats and online dating profiles, people are now more than ever before invested in how they look. Certainly appeal has never been out of the conversation, but what its meaning has definitely changed. Everyone wants to feel good in their bodies, keep them healthy and head-turning and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cosmetic surgeries are so in demand. Despite the stigma that many times surrounds the aesthetic industry and the ‘gone-wrong’ scenarios so widely publicized, getting some outside help to achieve the desired look has done wonders for many. But as with most things in life, moderation and quality are vital in getting optimal results.

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t always have to mean highly invasive procedures that dramatically change one’s appearance. On the contrary, non-surgical procedures such as lip injections and dermal fillers have been growing in popularly in recent years. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery comprised by both American and Canadian healthcare professionals, such treatments are up by 45% among women in their 20s and early 30s.Over 15 million cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures were performed in 2017 in the U.S., and even though recent Canadian numbers are not yet available, the two markets can be comparable as shown previously, however bearing in mind Canada’s population is considerably smaller. Over 7 million Botox procedures and almost 3 million soft tissue fillers have been done in 2017, marking a growth of 2 and respectively 3% from 2016.  And these numbers are forecasted to grow even more in the next couple of years.

In a survey led by aesthetic news website ZALEA it has been estimated that about 40% of millennials have had a cosmetic procedure done or are considering one in the next 12 months. When asked about trust, 75% of them said they would turn to family members and friends or physicians for information, while half would trust Google’s findings. Surprisingly enough, 50% also said they do not consider social media and celebrity endorsements to be reliable when trying to make a decision on a cosmetic procedure. About one in four Canadian women are open to getting an injectable and up to 34% considered injectables to be a regular procedure similar to teeth whitening and hair colouring. With results lasting typically six months or more, it is understandable why if once used to a look that would make Angelina Jolie stop and stare, people would like to carry on having the injections.

Deciding to get lip injections is a huge life decision that can radically change the way someone looks. According to specialists, a doctor with experience and knowledge will take out the pain from the procedure. Basically, if a practitioner isn’t appropriately trained, then the process is bound to be uncomfortable, even painful. However, by selecting the best one available the procedure should be the equivalent of getting eyebrows threaded. Luckily, according to Dermatology News, in 2018 most people (82%) thoroughly check credentials of the doctor who is about to perform the procedure on them, and they feel safer when it is being performed by either a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

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And yes, lip fillers have got a bit of bad reputation in the past, but if done by the hands of a highly skilled professional using best-in-class products, there is no reason to be afraid. Nowadays with sophisticated advancements made in the space of lip injections, fillers contain Hyaluronic Acid, a molecule we all naturally have in our bodies. Known as the ‘key molecule involved in skin moisture’, Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water so it’s actually a mega-magnet for moisture. Its effects? Everything anyone could look for in lip injections: softer fine lines, firmer and smoother skin, even dry patches and skin cell boost for a plumper appearance.

Another important decision lies with how much work would a person like done. This is where quality over quantity and moderation dominate the space. We’ve all seen people who had various cosmetic surgeries and chances are that if you can tell right away it’s fake, then it’s not well done.

Cosmetic doctors have recently joined forces to try and determine the exact amount of filler considered to be too much in lip augmentation. In a study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, 98 volunteers (76 females and 22 men) were asked to evaluate series of photographs of a model’s lips which were then digitally modified across five sets of features: the upper lip, lower lip, upper and lower lips, and shape of the Cupid’s bow.

Results showed that half of the participants deemed lip augmentation for the options where the ratio of the lower and upper lips were highly disproportionate. Findings also highlighted that upper lip enhancement alone was more likely to suggest artificial, while enhancing both lips was deemed as more credible. Even the slightest alteration the Cupid’s bow triggered suspicion among respondents. These findings are vital for anyone looking to have lip injections and as stated before, less will definitely mean more, while achieving the right balance of all three components will ensure a natural lip look.

Besides all the benefits mentioned, dermatologists using injectable hyaluronic acid fillers have also concluded that not only do they add volume, but they also enhance the natural smile. And who wouldn’t want a luminous smile to go with their new voluptuous lips?

Probably what gives most people a peace of mind is the fact that lip injections are nowadays reversible. While a procedure shouldn’t be done on the premise that if desired results are not reached that it can be turned back to normal, it is definitely reassuring to understand that the effect will run out in a couple of months regardless.

Facial scientists around the globe say that the lips are among the leading features which indicate thoughts and emotions. They are also the reason why a person might find another attractive or not. Holding a lot of symbolic and factual meaning, it comes as no surprise that more and more individuals are investing in lip injections.

Modern Makeup Rituals: A Sneak Peek into Habits, Trends and Options

Modern Makeup Rituals

The idea of beauty has shifted dramatically over centuries, just like fashion trends have. But what is beauty anyway other than a majorly subjective perception that has been influenced by cultural and societal aspects over time. In Ancient Egypt, braided wigs and a lot of dark eyeliner would have been the ‘it’ thing for both men and women. If we are talking Ancient Greece, the completely opposite was trending: unibrows and vinegar-bleached curls. Back in 18th century France, if a woman had a double chin and pale white skin, she would’ve turned all the heads. But not in Italy though. Back then curviness was linked to virtue and high foreheads were all everyone was longing for.

Nowadays, beauty is moving from being strictly about how you look to being more about how you feel and how health your body is. Or at least this is what recent survey findings are saying. 79% of beauty product consumers say the main reason for using beauty products is to keep their skin healthy, while 62% say it should make them feel good about themselves. At the same time, the beauty industry is blooming. It is estimated that for example an average American woman will spend up to $300,000 on face products throughout her life. That would be the equivalent of buying a condo anywhere in Canada.

As part of the ultimate makeup bag essentials, the researchers counted everyone’s usual items and the conclusion was that there are 16 main items that can be found in the usual beauty pack: from facial wash or makeup removers, toners and eye creams to foundation, highlighter, blushers and lipstick.

Eyebrow products seem to be indispensable for many women. Furthermore, over half of them confess that they do not feel confident making eye contact without mascara on and they are willing to spend as much as $40 for such a product. On the other hand, eyeliner is another daily must, but surprisingly not a lot of women are willing to spend a gigantic amount on this. Regardless, because it is such an important part of the ritual, if one was going to add up year after year of eyeliner spending it definitely wouldn’t be the smallest of amounts.

When thinking about the time spent on beauty rituals, it is believed that women spend close to two years doing their makeup in a lifetime. With over 39% spending at least 40 minutes every day applying various products and retouching their look. And as time goes by, even more time is dedicated to beauty rituals.

Eyebrows are among the most prominent features and they perform a number of functions, from making eyes pop and shaping facial figures to being a powerful non-verbal communication tool. And if it seems hard to believe, science is backing up these claims. Canadian researchers have conducted a study during which they showed people 25 photos of celebrities without eyebrows, after which they showed another 25 pictures of celebrities without eyes and asked the participants to name the star. About 56% of the celebrities shown without eyes were correctly identified, but when it came to no brows, only 46% where recognized.

It is then no wonder eyebrow beauty and styling solutions have been multiplying in recent years. Besides the regular plucking, threading and dyeing, consumers are now given so many more options, either permanent such as eyebrow tattooing or semi-permanent such as micro pigmentation or hair transplant. Not everyone is born with a perfect pair of brows so instead of adding an extra periodic cost and time burden to the daily ritual by drawing them on, permanent makeup might just be the answer.

Many dismiss this idea even before getting to learn how much the technique has evolved over time with more technological advancements and continuous improvement according to what consumers have been looking for. Permanent make up today is nowhere near the cases heavily mediatized witnessed in the past with needle-like, sharp shapes and colours that over time faded into a painful blue. Whether it’s eyebrows, eye lines or lips, cosmetic tattooing has become an art with the potential to give best results for people who are looking to have one less worry, achieve the perfect look and save some money along the way.


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Another plus is taking out the hassle of having to choose the right makeup products. According to a 2018 study as many as 70% beauty consumers feel overwhelmed by the variety of options and brands now available on the market. This makes well over half of them (63%) feel confused by the claims these brands make. Who wouldn’t love not having to get frustrated about spending too much or too little on makeup products? Getting stuck in beauty shops and on makeup aisles for really long periods of time, bombarded with all sorts of deals and options is no one’s cup of tea.

So it’s no wonder permanent makeup has been growing in popularity. Even famous people are getting behind the trend with celebrities such as Gwen Stefani or Angelina Jolie having cosmetic lip or eye tattoos. And with the process being so simple, effective and safe, why not?

However, it cannot be stressed enough have important it is to properly research where to get permanent makeup done. Even if more than 80% of the colorants used currently for the process are organic, over 60% of them also activate due to azo-pigments, some of which increase the risk of cancer. Accessing services from a specialized cosmetic business guarantees only the best products will be used in creating the right look. In the hands of a skilled professional using the appropriate products, the procedure is perfectly safe.

As long as people feel good in their skin – whatever that means for each person, the fleeting beauty trends are nothing to worry too about. And that’s what’s great about permanent makeup it can suit everyone’s needs.