Laser Hair Removal – Everything You Need to Know

Laser Hair Removal Technologies

Hi! My name is Margarita, and I’m the Clinic Director for the Downtown location of Canada MedLaser Clinics. Since completing the medical aesthetics course, I’ve helped launch three clinics, including Canada MedLaser. I’ve got several passions, but this has got to be my top one. 

Going into the medical aesthetics industry was one of the best decisions I could have made in my early 20’s. I was at a loss, and with so many choices of what to do with my future, my decision was not becoming any easier.

Luckily, as fate would have it, my family doctor at the time purchased a laser machine and asked me if I wanted to participate in a day of training with her (she was a close family friend, so lucky me). I jumped on the opportunity, and before I knew it, I was enrolled in a medical aesthetics course.

That day made me realize the magic of the laser. I mean what other technology could PERMANENTLY remove hair, sun damage, freckles, veins, and even skin tags?… All-non surgically! Fast forward nine years later (wow, how time flies), and here I am.

I hope you join me on this journey and tune in every week as I upload new blogs in a goal to educate, inform, and bust myths about the medical aesthetics industry.

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About Laser Hair Removal

Starting off with the most popular non-surgical beauty procedure on the market, it’s no surprise that our first topic up for discussion will be all about Laser Hair Removal.

Unless you’re sharing an underwater pad with Patrick Star, you’ve surely heard about laser hair removal at least once in your lifetime. And if you’re here because you’re considering the treatment, or out of sheer curiosity, keep reading for everything you need to know about laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has been on the public market ever since its approval by the FDA in the early 1990s. Just like all technology that was released three decades ago, the original laser hair removal machines are much different than the way we know them today.

Back when the treatment was first popularized, the procedure was long and painful. Patients were required to ice their skin pre and post-treatment, a full leg would require hours to complete, and pinpoint bleeding was one of the not-so-few side effects. I guess people still thought it was worth the tradeoff because the market has grown with lightning speed ever since.

Nowadays, laser hair removal comes in many different forms, but because side effects tend to be fairly minimal with most technologies on the market, this, unfortunately, leaves your average consumer fairly uninformed about the types of lasers there are, as most people assume all laser hair removal technology is created equally.

However, this is not the case. With technologies ranging from IPL (commonly mistaken for laser), Diode, ND YAG and Alexandrite, just to name a few, the confusion can really set in for those who try to research the best-suited laser machine for them.

The search doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Let me break it down for you:

IPL: Intense Pulsed Light

A very popular form of technology for the sole reason that it’s less expensive than most others. Yep, that’s it. It’s advertised as the best by the clinics who carry them (obvi), but it carries the highest risk of burning, is the most painful, least effective, and in no way permanent.

Oh, and guess what! It’s not even a real laser! That’s right. Somehow medspas (the most common users of IPL. KEYWORD: SPA) are getting away with using the term, “Laser” to describe their IPL technology. It’s the most common on deal sites and in training schools as well.

Yes, I trained with an IPL when I first started out too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not ALL bad. It’s great if you’re looking for a temporary laser hair removal solution if you’re Caucasian because it’s incapable of safely treating people of colour. Keep in mind that many clinics on the market carry this technology, so before you sign up for treatment with a medSPA, be sure to ask the right questions.

Soprano Laser (Diode Technology)

Now this machine can actually be classified as a “laser” (enter Dr. Evil quotation image here). It works by targeting hair follicles at the root through pigment attraction, ideally destroying the root, and preventing hair from re-growing. 

Now, you may have noticed my italicized “ideally” in the previous sentence. No, that wasn’t by accident. The reason I say, “ideally” is because of the Soprano laser, although good in theory and on paper has one major flaw. The actual treatment procedure. It’s great, except for the fact that the treatment requires the laser technician to move the handpiece over the patients’ skin in a continuous motion, without stopping (because if they stop, the patient’s skin may burn).

Why is this such a problem, you ask? Well, because when the handpiece is in constant motion, regulated by a person, it is physically impossible to ensure that an equal amount of laser energy is penetrated into each hair follicle, and therefore, impossible to ensure that the root of each follicle has actually been targeted. So, just like IPL, this too is a popular treatment on today’s market, for the same reason as IPL is popular (I won’t repeat myself). Moral of the story: just don’t.

And last, but not least… 

Alexandrite Technology in combination with ND YAG Technology

Now, before I start my next paragraph, you guys absolutely must know that I am in no way a salesperson for this technology, nor do I work for the company that manufactures/distributes these lasers. I am a genuine fan, and here’s why:

Both the Alexandrite and ND YAG technologies have been on the laser hair removal market for decades. Since they’ve been around, new and improved versions have been launched at the speed of light, and with the results being as ridiculously good as they are, only the most exclusive medical skincare clinics carry these technologies.

These technologies are what’s referred to as “True laser”. They work by pulsing laser light to the root of each individual hair follicle (not one at a time, don’t worry), destroying the blood supply to the muscle which assists in hair growth (aka. Dermal papilla), and over the course of a few treatments, permanently, yes, permanently reducing your hair from growing. These technologies are at the top of the game, and there is only one laser on the market that carries both of them together. 

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The GentleMax Pro Laser

This laser is one of the few on the market which safely and effectively is capable of treating all skin types, requires a maximum of one hour per treatment (and that’s if you’re doing full-body!), and is relatively pain-free. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a very exclusive laser, and if you’re looking for permanent results with no downtime or side effects, it will cost you more than the lower-end technology would. You won’t ever find this guy on deal sites, and if you do, be skeptical. Be very skeptical. 

Anyway, I could go on and on about how amazing this laser is, but I trust you get the point. Plus, I’m sure you have other topics you’d like to explore, so we go to FAQs.


During my consultations, the most common questions I get are:

  • What do I need to do to prep for my laser hair removal treatment?
    • Shave! Shave the night before your treatment. Your hair must be less than 2mm in length for proper efficacy and safety.
  • How many sessions would I require to obtain the most optimal laser hair removal results?
    • 8-10. Provided a hormonal problem is not at play, most patients require 8-10 sessions for permanent results. The number varies based on skin and hair type.
  • Does the treatment hurt?
    • Honestly, a little… and only on sensitive areas such as face or bikini. When treating pretty much the rest of the body, the treatment is relatively painless, with possible mild discomfort on bony areas such as the shins.
  • Can I tan throughout the procedure?
    • It’s recommended not to, as the settings of your treatment must be decreased, the darker you are, leading you to require more sessions at the end of the day, but it’s still possible to treat tanned skin.

Well, by now, I hope I’ve done my fair share in informing you guys and answering some of the questions you may have had about laser hair removal.


How to Prepare for your Laser Hair Removal Treatment and Consultation

How to Prepare for your Laser Hair Removal Treatment and Consultation

By Margarita Fruman, Medical Aesthetician 

So, you’ve been contemplating for a while, but you’ve finally made your decision and to give laser hair removal a try.  Your friends rave about it, and it seems like you’re the only one in your office who hasn’t had it done.  Peer pressure is a powerful tool, but in this case, it’s for the best.

You go online and start researching clinics near you.  And it hits you… like an overwhelmingly large menu at a restaurant, there are just way too many medical aesthetic clinics and spas to choose from.  Where do you start? How do you know which one to pick?

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Well, I’m here to narrow it down and help you choose the best option for your needs.

Firstly, when searching for a medical aesthetic clinic, you want to make sure you’re searching for just that – a clinic.  It’s my strong recommendation to exclude any spas, nail salons and hair salons from your search. The reason why I suggest this to be your first step in the process of elimination is because of the simple reason that spas and salons simply don’t have the one required to carry a medical laser device – A medical director/physician on site. 

Only medical skincare / medical aesthetic clinics typically feature a medical director – yes, that’s three “medical’s” in one sentence.  This is so important because in order for a clinic to carry a medical laser device in Canada, according to Health Canada regulations a clinic must have a medical director on site.  Medical laser devices not only offer more effective treatments, but a medical director also ensures safety protocols are enforced at the clinic.

Once you’ve eliminated spas and salons, half your work is done!

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search, it’s time to prep for your consultation.  You may be thinking, “Why prep for a consultation? I’m just going in to get information.  It’s the consultant’s job to prep me”. Well, though that’s partially true, you also need to keep in mind that although we all hope our consultants are honest and want the best for us, there are some clinics that hire salespeople, and not actual consultants to conduct consultations.  This means that preparation is what will separate you from a smart consumer or a sucker.

First thing’s first.  Start off by researching different types of laser machines on the market.  Just because you’re going to a clinic, doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed good technology.  There are still many places that feature subpar lasers. Look for keywords such as “True Laser”, and laser technology names such as “Alexandrite” or “Nd Yag”.  Avoid signing up for a laser package if you know an “IPL” or “BBL” will be used.

Laser Hair Removal TreatmentIf you’re unable to find the name of the laser used at the clinic you’ll be visiting on their website, I would say that’s a red flag, but be sure to ask in person when you get to your consultation.  Additionally, don’t forget to ask the consultant for a tour of the clinic. Inspect the cleanliness, professionalism and friendliness of the staff, and most importantly, the laser machine being used.  If you’re unfamiliar with it, write down the make and research it when you get home.

Next, when you arrive at your consultation, pay attention to how you’re greeted.  Are the staff friendly? Are you offered a beverage upon arrival? Do they take your coat and hang it for you?  Customer service speaks volumes on how you will be treated throughout your entire laser hair removal treatment.  Sure, the consultant maybe your best friend, but if the front desk isn’t going out of their way to ensure your comfort, something’s gotta be off.  Happy staff=happy clients.

Once you get into the consultation room, pay close attention to what your consultant is telling you.  Are they telling you how incredible laser hair removal is, how there are zero side effects, no downtime, no post-care and a 100% chance of you achieving incredible results?  If so, run. This is a salesperson just trying to reach into your pocket with false promises.  

A real consultant will typically start off by explaining to you the science behind laser hair removal and how it works.  They will then get to the topic of hormone imbalances. They will ask you questions about your personal health and explain how many approximate sessions they think you will require.  They will tell you that maintenance is required after you complete the original amount of sessions in the package being offered to you, and they will go through a short, but important list of side effects and pre / post-treatment precautions you must take if you choose to sign up for the treatment.

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal clinic and signed up for your package, it’s time to prep for your treatment.

Laser Hair Removal TreatmentPreparing for laser hair removal is simple but necessary, and without the proper measures taken beforehand, a safe and effective treatment may not be possible.

Here’s what you need to do prior to each laser hair removal session that you’ll be attending:

  • Shave the night before your session.  Although this may sound counterintuitive, your hair should be as short as possible for the laser energy to properly penetrate through to the root of each hair follicle.  Shaving the night before is recommended vs. the morning of to avoid excess irritation of the skin.
  • Avoid tanning creams/beds/sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to each session.  Not only does tanning sensitize the skin, but it also causes a higher risk for negative side effects, and if you have had recent sun exposure, notify your medical aesthetician!  It’s better to skip a session than to reap the consequences.
  • If treating areas on your face or exposed body areas, always, and I mean daily, wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.  Even if you’re not visibly tanned or sunburnt, UVA rays are still a factor. Those are the rays that cause ageing and hyperpigmentation.  Laser hair removal makes skin more vulnerable to these rays, and without proper protection, the risk of hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) increases significantly.
  • Avoid any manual or chemical exfoliation of the treatment site(s) for two weeks before and after each laser hair removal session.  The good news is laser hair removal actually lightly exfoliates the skin by burning off dead skin cells, so the treatment also helps to soften the skin.

During your consultation, you should receive a paper with all pre and post-treatment instructions written down, including the ones mentioned in this article.  Once signing up for a laser hair removal package, don’t be shy to contact the clinic you signed up with if you have any further questions.  They should be happy to help, as more information leads to better treatment outcomes for both client and clinic.

Once again, if you guys have any further questions or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, call or email Canada MedLaser and if you would like me to cover any other topics in future blog posts, email with the Subject: ATTN Margarita.

Bye for now!

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How Much Does Melasma Treatment Cost?

Melasma Treatment Cost

Melasma is a common skin condition caused by the harsh effects of the sun and ageing. In Toronto, treating melasma in some locales might be costly while it is less expensive in other areas. This is why many people find it hard to take the step to treat melasma. So, how much does Melasma treatment cost in Toronto?

Melasma is a skin plight that causes black, brown patches of skin to develop on your face. It’s a common condition that affects people of all ages, from young children and teens to adults and the elderly.

About five million Americans are affected by melasma, making it one of the most common skin conditions. As well as “melasma,” it’s occasionally referred to as “chloasma,” or the “mask of pregnancy.”

Melasma tends to be more common in women than it is in men. This is unlike other skin conditions, which affects men and women equally. According to research, as much as 90% of all people affected by melasma are female. This is why most of the people wondering about melasma treatment costs in Toronto are women.

If you have melasma, you may notice blotchy, brown patches of skin on your forehead, cheeks and other parts of your face. This skin condition may affect your looks and additionally, your self-confidence. 

How Much Does Melasma Treatment Cost?

Although the symptoms can look similar, melasma is different from other skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation. Since these conditions look similar, it’s quite common for people affected by melasma to assume they have sun or psoriasis-related hyperpigmentation.

Luckily, melasma doesn’t need to be something you’ll have to deal with forever. Using a variety of treatment options, it’s possible to bring melasma under control and keep your facial skin clear, consistent and free of hyperpigmentation.

Concerned you might have melasma and wondering how much the treatment cost? How do you treat this skin darkening condition? How much does melasma treatment cost in Toronto? In this article, we will give you a breakdown of everything you need to know about the cost of melasma treatment.


What is Melasma?

Melasma is a very common patchy brown, tan, or blue-gray facial skin discoloration. It is usually seen in women in their reproductive years. It typically appears on the upper cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and chin of women 20-50 years of age. 

It is uncommon in males. Additionally, it is thought to be primarily related to external sun exposure, external hormones like birth control pills, and internal hormonal changes as seen in pregnancy.

Most people with melasma have a history of daily or intermittent sun exposure, although heat is also suspected to be an underlying factor. Melasma is most common among pregnant women, especially those of Latin and Asian descent. People with olive or darker skin, like Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern individuals, have higher incidences of melasma.

This skin condition can be prevented. If you avoid it, you don’t have to worry about melasma treatment prices in Toronto. Melasma can be prevented with facial sun protection and sun avoidance, as well as regular sunscreen application, medications such as 4% hydroquinone and other fading creams.

You can book a free consultation now for Melasma treatment with Canada MedLaser.


Treatment options for melasma

Treatment options for melasmaIf hormonal changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy or while taking birth control pills, have caused melasma, it will fade after delivery or once a person stops taking the pills.

For other people, melasma can last for years or even for the rest of their lives. If it does not fade over time, a person may seek treatment to help remove or fade the patches. In this scenario, you definitely have to know how much melasma treatment costs in Toronto. 

However, not all treatments work for everyone, and melasma may come back even after successful treatment. The price of this treatment depends on the type of procedure you’re adopting. 

Melasma treatment option includes:


A person can apply hydroquinone lotion directly to melasma to lighten the skin. Most medical aestheticians often use hydroquinone as the first line of treatment for melasma. Hydroquinone is available as a lotion, cream, or gel.

A person may apply the hydroquinone product directly to the patches of skin that are discoloured. Hydroquinone is available over the counter, but a medical aesthetician can also prescribe stronger creams. Hydroquinone works by lightening the colour of the skin patches.

Combined creams

In some scenarios, a dermatologist may choose to prescribe creams that contain tretinoin, corticosteroids, and hydroquinone in one. These are called a triple cream.

Corticosteroids and tretinoin

Corticosteroids and tretinoin come in creams, lotions, or gels. Both corticosteroids and tretinoin can help lighten the colour of the skin patches. In addition to or instead of other medicated creams, a medical aesthetician may also prescribe azelaic acid or kojic acid. These acids work to lighten the dark areas of skin.

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures

Non-invasive cosmetic proceduresThese are the most effective treatment options for this skin condition. If you live in Toronto and are looking to save money on the cost of melasma treatment, you should opt directly for cosmetic procedures.

Effective non-invasive treatments for this skin condition include:

If you have had melasma before, you can try to avoid triggering this skin condition by:

  • Wearing a hat when outside.
  • Limiting sun exposure.
  • Using sunscreen.


How Much Does Melasma Treatment Cost in Toronto?

This skin condition reduces your beauty. That is a fact. We all want to look beautiful and younger. Luckily, melasma does not cause other symptoms, and may even fade on its own over time. 

However, it is best to know the cost of treatment in Toronto and fight it immediately. How much does melasma treatment cost in Toronto? Keep reading to find out.

The cost of melasma treatment can range from $200 to $2500, it all depends on the treatment that you opt for. Since melasma treatment is not medically necessary, most insurers will not cover drugs or procedures used to treat it. However, 2% of hydroquinone creams are available over the counter. These typically cost about $100 or more.

The first line of treatment for the condition is usually hydroquinone, which can reduce melanin in the skin. Prescription creams and gels contain at least 4% hydroquinone and usually cost $200. Generally, the price depends on whether you buy a named brand or its generic equivalent.  

The most effective treatment for melasma includes dermabrasion and microdermabrasion, which can cost up to $2,000 or more in Toronto. However, it depends on the total number of treatment sessions. In severe cases, laser resurfacing may be used. The procedure can cost between $100-$5,000. This depends on the surface size, the laser type, the individual center and its regional location. 

How Much Does Melasma Treatment Cost in Toronto?Spot removal starts at $100 per 20-minute session in some areas. However, laser treatment can cost up to $4,000, including consulting fees, visit fees, anesthesia and medication in some areas in Toronto. The best part about spending this money is that you can be assured of beautiful, smooth skin. 

If a topical medicine does not work, physical treatments may succeed in eliminating melasma. For example, a chemical peel for melasma typically can cost $300 in some areas in Ontario.  However, depending on the center and location, the cost can vary between $250 – $500.

Since melasma has similar symptoms with other skin conditions, it is best that you don’t diagnose this condition yourself. If you are experiencing facial discoloration, the first step is to start with a visit to a trusted medical aesthetician.

For patients with health insurance, out-of-pocket costs for visiting an expert will include expenses of about $5 – $30 or more. However, it can also include a co-insurance of 10%-50% or more. For patients without health insurance, an office visit typically costs $50-$200 or more. Here at Canada MedLaser, it is free. A simple call can earn you a free consultation session with the finest medical aestheticians in Toronto.

Additional treatment costs

Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or more can help prevent melasma. Also, it’s ideal for patients who use hydroquinone, which can make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Sunscreens typically cost about $5 to $30 on average.

Even after undergoing successful cosmetic treatments, you have to bear the additional costs of using sunscreen and other topical creams recommended by your medical aesthetician.



Dealing with skin discolouration as a result of melasma can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, it’s not something you will have to face forever. From topical medications to cosmetic procedures, there are a variety of treatment options that are useful for you. These treatment options are all capable of improving and eliminating the effects of melasma on your skin.


Whether you’re dealing with mild melasma or severe skin discolouration, it’s essential to focus on the long term success. With consistency and regular treatment, most people with melasma are able to achieve big improvements in their skin coloration and appearance.

A simple treatment such as microdermabrasion can increase your chances of getting rid of melasma permanently.  Also, wearing sunscreen, limiting your direct exposure to sunlight and carrying out occasional maintenance therapy. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to manage and control your melasma for good.

It is ideal to know the requirements for melasma treatment before starting the treatment. Though it may be time-consuming, it’s a process that is worthwhile. Find out about the cost of melasma treatment in Toronto. Get a reliable diagnosis and course of action from a licensed medical aesthetician. Contact us at Canada MedLaser today!

How Much Do Facelift Cost?

How Much Do Facelift Cost?

Facelifts can do wonders for your look but how much do facelifts cost in Toronto? Not everyone may be open to the idea because of the cost and other factors that need to be considered. This way, you may be able to assess if this procedure is something that you want to go through with. First, let’s try to understand how facelifts can improve our look and make us feel better about our appearance and overall self-confidence.


Understanding Skin Aging

When we start getting older, it is only natural for our tissues such as our skin to begin losing their elasticity. When this happens, wrinkles and sagging can happen, which sometimes makes us look older than our actual age. There are many other factors apart from age, such as diet, lifestyle, and genes. Thankfully, there is a procedure called facelift or rhytidectomy, which can help in lifting and tightening our facial tissues and improving our overall look.

With the procedure for a facelift, it may involve the removal of excess skin. Wrinkles and folds may also be smoothened out as well as procedures on tightening facial tissues. Facelifts do not include eye lifts or brow lifts. However, these procedures may also be done along with the facelift if this is something that you prefer.

Understanding Skin Aging

The facelift procedure focuses on the bottom parts of the face, which usually involve the neck. There are many reasons why a person may get a facelift. The most common reason why people get this procedure is so that they can eliminate the signs of ageing.

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Who can Undergo a Facelift Procedure?

Not everyone can automatically be candidates for a facelift procedure. Here are some points to follow so a person can be qualified for a facelift.

  • The individual should be healthy and should not have any health issues that may interfere with the recovery from the procedure. 
  • If the person smokes or abuses substances, it is not recommended that he or she undergoes a facelift. 
  • Lastly, people who want to undergo a facelift procedure should have realistic expectations of what the surgery requires of them as well as the results that they will get out of it.


How Much Do Facelifts Costs in Toronto?

The average cost of a facelift in Toronto is at around $10,000 CAD. This is an amount you have to prepare for if you want to undergo this procedure. However, do take note that you also have to prepare for the hospital costs or the costs for the surgical center.

The figure does not include other related expenses. It is important that you are financially ready for this procedure as the final cost can turn out to be higher than the figure stated here. Other factors to consider with regards to the cost of a facelift procedure are your location, the expertise of your surgeon, as well as the desired results.


Facelift Procedure and How It Works

During a procedure for a facelift, the surgeon will be repositioning the tissue and fat under the skin in order to smoothen out the creases, help in tightening and lifting your facial skin, as well as the removal of any excess skin.

The facelift procedure may vary, and this depends on the results that you want to achieve. The traditional procedure for this is done by making an incision in your hairline around your temples. This incision goes in the front of your ear and then down in the front of the earlobe, hugging it. And then it goes to the back to your lower scalp found behind your ears.

The fat, as well as excess skin,  may then be redistributed or removed. The muscle and tissue underneath may also be redistributed and then tightened. If the sagging is only minimal, then you may only need to have a “mini” facelift. The incisions for this procedure are shorter.

If the procedure you’ll have is a neck lift, what will happen is that the excess fat and skin will be removed. And then the skin of your neck will be pulled up and tightened. Usually, this procedure requires an incision under your chin. After the surgery, most patients will have bandages to wrap the face and surgical drainage tube.

Facelift Procedure and How It Works

You don’t have to worry about the incisions as they have skin glue or sutures that are dissolvable. In many cases, though, you may be required to go back to your surgeon so that the stitches can be removed. But what you can be sure about the incisions is that they will be made in a way that they will have no problem blending with your facial structure and hairline.


Facelift Side Effects and Risks

As a medical procedure, a facelift may still have side effects and risks. It is essential that you know about these so that you will be able to prepare yourself if in case you experience any of the side effects that may be brought about by a facelift procedure. To give you an idea of some of the risks involved in facelift surgery, here are some of them:

  • You may experience some issues with the healing of the wounds after surgery.
  • Swelling may also be a problem as it may be prolonged.
  • You may also notice some hair loss at the sites where incisions have been made.
  • There may be scarring and pain after surgery.
  • Blood clots may also happen.
  • In worse cases, cardiac events may take place.
  • Bleeding and infection are also other issues that may happen if the wounds did not heal well.
  • During surgery, there are also anesthesia risks.

Before deciding on getting a facelift, it is important that you take the time to discuss the risks of the procedure with your doctor. This is so that you can mentally and emotionally prepare for it. You will also have the opportunity to weigh your decision if the facelift procedure is something you are willing to push through with.


What You Should Expect After the Facelift

After your facelift surgery, the doctor will be prescribing you with medication to manage the pain. While it is common to experience some discomfort and pain as well as bruising and swelling, don’t worry too much about it because it is normal and will go away soon enough.

The doctor will also be giving you directions as to when and how to take off the dressing. The follow-up appointment post-surgery will also be discussed. Remember to go to your doctor during your scheduled appointments so that the wounds may be checked and to make sure that there are no problems with the healing.

When the swelling is reduced, you will start to notice the difference in the way that you look. However, as for the way your skin feels, it may take several months before it will feel normal again. In the healing process after the facelift surgery, try not to do any strenuous activities for two weeks. Give yourself time to rest and relax so that the healing can proceed without any problems.

If you like working out, it is best that you give yourself a month before resuming your usual routine. Each individual who has had a facelift will have different pacing when it comes to the healing process. So do make sure that you talk to your doctor so you’ll know what you’ll be expecting and when you can resume your usual activities.

To make sure that your facelift procedure will have outstanding results, remember to apply moisturizing products to your face every day. You also have to protect yourself from too much sunlight. Eat healthy foods and avoid stressors so that you will have a healthy lifestyle.

Keep in mind that the results you will get from undergoing facelift surgery are not guaranteed. Therefore, manage your expectations as you may not be able to get the results that you want after just one facelift surgery. There may be cases where subsequent facelift procedures will be needed for you to get the results that you want.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about what can be done so that you can have the best chances of successful facelift surgery as well as what your reasonable expectation should be after the procedure.

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How to Prepare for a Facelift?

When you prepare yourself for a facelift procedure, remember that it is a surgery.  Therefore, you should prepare for it as you would with a major medical procedure. Before going through with the surgery, the doctor will be asking for some blood work and other tests for pre-surgical evaluation.

How to Prepare for a Facelift?

The doctor may also be asking you to refrain from taking your medications or make some adjustments to the dosage of the meds before proceeding with the facelift surgery. Your doctor may also ask that you stop smoking if you’re a smoker. 

You may also need to discontinue taking anti-inflammatory pain meds, aspirin, as well as herbal supplements. This is so that the risk of bruising and bleeding may be reduced. Lastly, the doctor may ask you about the products that you usually use to apply to your face because some or all of those may have to be discontinued before you undergo facelift surgery.

The facelift surgery may take place at the hospital or surgical centre. Either way, you need to have someone who will drive you to and from there because you will be placed under general anesthesia. It will also be a good idea if you ask one of your family members or friends to stay with you for a couple of nights when you go home after surgery.



Going through a facelift surgery requires a lot of preparation. You have to think if it is a procedure that you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially prepared for. Hopefully, this article was able to give you an idea of how much do facelifts cost in Toronto. And since you already know the figure, you can now start preparing or evaluating if it is something that you want to pursue.

It is vital that you also manage your expectations when it comes to the result of the facelift surgery. Some cases may only need one session in order to get the desired result while others may need a follow-up procedure. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor regarding the outcome of your facelift surgery. The doctor will be able to give you suggestions and sound advice as to what your next step should be.

Also, take note of the healing process of the facelift surgery so that you’ll know if things are doing well or otherwise. If you experience any of the side effects mentioned here, get medical attention immediately so that it won’t get any worse. Do talk to your doctor for any unusual or unexpected discomfort or pain that you experience.

Overall, there are so many benefits to getting a facelift. You’ll look and feel younger and more confident. If you’re considering getting a facelift, do drop us a message here at Canada MedLaser and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Better yet, book a free consultation today! 

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Botox Injection Treatment for Men

Botox treatments for men

Brotox! As you probably may have guessed, it’s botox… for bros 😃!

Since its original approval in 1989 by the FDA for medical treatments such as migraine relief, eye twitch, cervical dystonia (neck muscle spasms), lazy eye, hyperhidrosis and bladder dysfunction, the use of botulinum toxin injections has become widely popularized for the practice of wrinkle reduction.

By “relaxing” the muscle using a toxin called botulinum toxin, wrinkles become temporarily smoother, softening the overall appearance of the face, neck and décolleté. Injections are primarily done on areas around the eyes and forehead, however, areas such as the neck and décolleté may be injected by a skilled professional as well to achieve smooth skin.

Brotox: Botox for Bros!

For a long time, most newcomers to the cosmetic injection world have been afraid of appearing “frozen” as a result of the treatment. Because of this, many refrained from getting it done altogether. It was an understandable uncertainty of not wanting to go back to work or one’s social life looking like a completely different person.

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However, over time, this fear has been contradicted by many qualified professionals in the medical aesthetics industry. Thanks to this, more people have come out of their shells and are now confident enough to undergo Botox injections to appear their best. Because of this, it’s only until recently that cosmetic injectable treatments such as Botox have become common with the male population. 

Brotox: Botox for Bros!Since its recent worldwide popularization for men, many male celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon of the wonderful world of cosmetic injections, thus contributing to the start of Brotox!

Although, despite its tremendous popularity in recent years, it may surprise you that B(r)otox for cosmetic purposes has only been on the market for 17 years, and since its release in 2002, many competitive brand names with similar chemical compounds have been released as well. 

These brands include:

  • Dysport (second most popular to Botox)
  • Myobloc
  • Xeomin

This means that the treatment we commonly refer to as “Botox” isn’t called that at all, but we refer to it by the brand name which started it all. Although most cosmetic injection veterans opt for the original brand, many people have different preferences, some swearing by Dysport, and others gravitating towards Myobloc. The result is almost always narrowed down to personal preference.

When it comes to Brotox for men, the procedure may actually conclude to be much more natural in appearance than Botox for women. The reason for this is simple; men are naturally born with thicker skin (literally), meaning more product is required to achieve optimal results. This fact proves to be a positive and not-so-positive one. On the bright side, there is less room for error when it comes to Brotox, but on the other hand, more product means that the procedure cost may be higher than that of a woman’s injection treatment. This also means that touch-up treatments may be required more regularly to maintain optimal results.

Brotox touch-up treatments are required between every 2-12 months…yes, this is a wide range. Let me explain…

Brotox: Botox for Bros!As with all cosmetic injectables including filler, the first time a patient decides to get B(r)otox or botulinum toxin injections, this would typically be the one treatment which will require more product to be administered than any subsequent treatment. It will also last the least amount of time. 

After the first treatment, most patients will require a follow-up about 2-4 months later. During the follow-up, fewer products would be administered since there should still be a bit of residual product from the previous treatment (this is why it’s important not to wait too long between treatments). 

After the first follow up, the next one should take place four-six months later, and as the client continues treatment, less product is required, and maintenance sessions may be done more sparsely.

Unlike filler, Botox may not be dissolved immediately afterwards in the case of dissatisfaction with the outcome from the client’s perspective. If for whatever reason, the client is unsatisfied with the result, the only option is to wait out the duration of time it takes for the product to dissolve. Therefore, it’s crucial to attend professional clinics with experienced staff – yes, this may mean paying more for quality service, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. 

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Brotox: Botox for Bros!Pre and post-treatment instructions for B(r)otox are simple, yet key in achieving the most desired effect;


  • In the case of special events or vacation, schedule your treatment at least two weeks prior
  • Discontinue the use of Aspirin, Motrin, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or any other essential fatty acids at least 3 days to 1 week before and after treatment to minimize bruising or bleeding
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, Niacin supplement, high-sodium foods, high sugar foods, refined carbohydrates, spicy foods, and cigarettes 24-48 hours before and after your treatment
  • If you develop a cold/flu, cold sore, blemish, or rash, etc. in the area to be treated prior to your appointment, it is recommended to reschedule your appointment until it resolves
  • Discontinue Retin-A two (2-3) days before treatment to avoid any increased redness and irritation
  • Avoid all chemical and mechanical exfoliation methods for two weeks prior to your injections treatment


  • Do NOT lie head down flat, touch, or rub the treated areas for at least 4 hours
  • Avoid Aspirin, Motrin, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or any other essential fatty acids at least 3 days to 1 week after treatment. These items may increase bleeding and bruising
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, Niacin supplement, high-sodium foods, high sugar foods, refined carbohydrates, spicy foods, and cigarettes 24-48 hours after your treatment. These items may contribute to increased swelling or irritation
  • Avoid the use of Retin-A or similar products (ex. Kinerase, Tazorac) 2 days after treatment to avoid increased irritation or redness
  • Avoid cosmetic treatments such as laser, ultrasound, peels, facials or microdermabrasion for 2 weeks after treatment with botulinum toxin
  • Try to avoid wearing makeup until the day after treatment. Earlier use may cause pustules. If you must wear makeup we recommend a good quality mineral makeup for the face
  • Please report to your provider if any increased pain, increased swelling, redness, blisters, or itching immediately, should it occur following your treatment
  • The treatment may take 2-10 days to take full effect. It is recommended that the touch-up if needed, be done no later than 2 weeks after the initial treatment

Finally, it’s important to remember that botulinum toxin takes about a week to visibly kick in post-treatment.  This may be the longest week of your life, but as the old saying goes, patience is a virtue.  The results are most certainly worth the wait!

Botox treatments for men

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a cosmetic injections consultation, please call Canada MedLaser Clinics today and book at one of our four extremely convenient locations around the GTA.

How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost in Toronto?

How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost in Toronto?

Your skin is exposed to so many harsh conditions on a daily basis: Rays from the sun, pollution, and other adverse conditions result in sun damage, wrinkles, melasma, etc. A microdermabrasion procedure can tackle these conditions. The efficacy of this procedure cannot be over-emphasized. That is why this post aims at answering the question of how much does microdermabrasion cost in Toronto.

Microdermabrasion is a skin procedure that makes use of a unique applicator to facilitate the subtle sanding away of the upper layer of the skin. This unique applicator usually features an abrasive surface.

This sanding process rejuvenates the skin and helps it heal from the adverse conditions suffered from harsh exposure. This procedure also aims at eliminating dead skin cells, resulting in younger and healthier skin. By doing this, there is a breeding ground for newer skin cells equipped with the right degree of collagen and elastin. 

This process is unlike dermabrasion, which is rougher and tougher on the skin. It doesn’t matter what your skin colour is, you can enjoy the many benefits of microdermabrasion. This procedure is amazingly secure and cost-effective for the degree of efficacy it offers. In this article, we will explain the factors that determine microdermabrasion prices in Toronto.


What is Microdermabrasion? 

This cosmetic procedure is executed with the aid of a device that is targeted at the shedding of the skin. The popularity of the process is by no means an accident, as it is proved to be of low risk and offers a rapid recovery period. 

Microdermabrasion is not aimed at intensive skin removal. Hence, it is only best in the healing and removal of sun damage, fine lines, age spots, acne, superficial scarring, etc. You can also have the treatment performed on the neck, chest, back, and hands.

As a procedure, microdermabrasion is relatively painless and does not invade the body. It also offers a total rejuvenation of the skin, by the combination of fine abrasive crystals and vacuum suction.

What is Microdermabrasion? 

With this cosmetic treatment, there is no need for any needles or anesthetics. Based on your needs, it is effortless for a medical aesthetician to adjust the vacuum pressure and speed when needed. 

This treatment is not painful. You may feel sharp, gentle sensations that you can easily handle, but that’s about it. On average, this treatment takes between five to sixty minutes. Following the treatment, you can resume your regular daily activity without any issues. Post-treatment, women can apply makeup and creams (once it does not bring about irritation), going about everyday life as usual. 

According to research, there is also proof that the implementation of microdermabrasion can lead to an increase in the rate at which applied skin medications sift into the body.  Just like brushing your teeth removes debris and other unwanted materials, microdermabrasion removes the unwanted uppermost layer of your skin.

What is Microdermabrasion? There is a need to note the frequency at which you can undergo treatment sessions.  As the skin regenerates at an average interval of 30 days, the improvement facilitated by microdermabrasion is temporary, and you need to undergo the treatment regularly. 

To experience continuous improvement with this procedure, it is advisable to undergo the treatment at intervals of two to four weeks. With regular treatment sessions and studious avoidance of adverse conditions for your skin, you will enjoy premium results.

Additionally, you should know that microdermabrasion varies from dermabrasion. This is because it is not invasive, and there is no need for anesthetics in the treatment process. Dermabrasion is a much tougher procedure used to heal deeper acne. It may be effective, but it is accompanied by immense pain. This causes the need for anesthesia. On the other hand, microdermabrasion does not require you to get anesthesia. 

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How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost in Toronto?

There are bound to be differences in the price of microdermabrasion from one location to another. The average cost of microdermabrasion treatment in Toronto is about $150. The total cost at particular locations depends on the additional charges from the resident doctor, and the area in question. 

Being a cosmetic procedure, it is not within the scope of any medical insurance to cover the fees. It is an optional service. Therefore, you have to foot the bill if you want it done. 

As the price will be a minimum of $100 per microdermabrasion session in Toronto, and it was earlier stated that to maintain a consistently positive effect you need to undergo it every fortnight, you have to budget a minimum of $200 for monthly microdermabrasion treatment costs.

This cost is an estimate, microdermabrasion prices in Toronto can be as high as $400 per session; It all depends on the expertise of the medical aesthetician, the area that needs to be treated, and your location. 

How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost in Toronto?The cost of this cosmetic procedure used to be expensive. However, over the past five years, there has been a significant drop in the price. This is because there has been an increase in the availability of the procedure. Today, any establishment that offers certified beauty and facial services can professionally execute it. 

Of the many skin treatments available, the cost of Microdermabrasion is one of the lowest, as other skin treatments can cost as much as $2500.

Also, it is very important that you consider the amount of microdermabrasion you need as a patient. This is determined by how severe your skin damage is, which can be diagnosed by a medical aesthetician.

It is best to follow the recommendations of a beauty expert on how many sessions would be required to bring you back to perfect condition. Note that you may be required to continue with the sessions even after your skin heals to see full results. 

Irrespective of what an aesthetician recommends, the expenses you will incur may be a function of your aesthetician’s skill. The cost of the treating aesthetician in addition to the geographical location of the treatment center will determine the cost of getting a microdermabrasion treatment in Toronto.


How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

Beyond knowing how much microdermabrasion costs in Toronto, it is pertinent to understand how the process works. Thankfully, it is as straightforward as it can get. 

When it is time for the procedure, you need to remove all makeup from your face. This is vital to ensuring a complication-free procedure.

Once the procedure starts, you will have to stay in one position for about an hour. Again, you should make sure that the process is executed by a skincare professional: It is safer if you get it done by a healthcare provider or someone under the supervision of one. All of these depend on your location and the availability of the procedure in your area. 

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?When undergoing the process, there is no need for anesthesia or a numbing agent. You will be seated in a reclining chair, while the aesthetician will spray crystal particles on your skin, especially at the targeted areas and surroundings. At the end of treatment, he or she will apply a moisturizer and sunscreen to your skin. That’s the end of the process. 

Various devices manufactured for the process have necessitated a variation in the administration of the process. There are three major forms of microdermabrasion procedures

The Diamond Hand Piece

This is designed to cause a subtle shedding of dead cells in the skin. Simultaneously, the device used performs the function of suctioning them off. Pressure applied to the handpiece influences the abrasion’s depth, the same as the duration it spends on the skin. This applicator is used mainly for facial regions.

The Diamond Hand Piece

The Crystal Microdermabrasion

The handpiece used in this method emits crystals to the skin. These crystals are used to rub away the outer layers of the skin. It also functions like the Diamond Handpiece in that it suctions off the dead cells immediately. This device uses two crystal types – aluminum oxide and sodium bicarbonate. 


This method is newly invented, and functions based on the combination of simultaneous dermal infusion of products and crystal-free exfoliation. The main aim of this process is to foster the production of collagen and increase blood flow in the skin.



Microdermabrasion is a medical procedure that was approved in the U.S by the Food and Drug Administration in 1996. Following this approval, numerous equipment has been manufactured to ensure the ease and effectiveness of the procedure. The procedure has since been made available in Canada, but it has not been as popular.

Though there has been a significant drop in price over the years, the question “How much does microdermabrasion cost in Toronto” has always persisted. 

Microdermabrasion is a cost-effective procedure that will certainly save you money, especially compared to other treatments such as facelifts. The cost of the treatment ranges from $100 – $250. At this price, it offers so much value to your skin. Get that beautiful skin that you desire.

How to Balance Work and Family as a Sports Mom in Toronto

Sports Mom in Toronto

As a sports mom in Toronto, finding a balance between work and family can quickly become very difficult. Dealing with the daily stress of commuting to and from work and relating with difficult coworkers can be hard enough. 

Amid work-related chaos, creating enough time for your family, especially the kids and, showing up to the right places at the right time while being an ever strong moral support can seem impossible. 

The good news is that it’s not all gloom. If you are a sports mom in Toronto, it is possible to balance the rigours of work and family.

One essential part of the family that most sports moms forget is themselves. Sports moms need to find time to take care of themselves. Their lifestyle can lead to sleepless nights, faster ageing and wrinkles. To stay beautiful and pleased with your body, cosmetic treatments in Toronto should be considered by sports moms.

How to Balance Work and Family as a Sports Mom in Toronto

Being a sports mom can also lead to feelings of guilt, mainly when your time is always divided between work and family. Learning how to balance work and family can be very hard indeed. You will have to meet up with deadlines at work, ensure that every necessary thing is in place for your kid’s game and still show up for the game itself, rain or shine. 

Missing out on any one of these things can be very devastating for both you and the kids. To help you, we will be giving you a few tips to help you balance work and family as a sports mom in Toronto.

But before we go into the details, we will start by defining who a sports mom is. Also, we will go into detail on the peculiar characteristics that make a sports mom in Toronto. More importantly, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need for cosmetic treatments in Toronto.


Who is a Sports Mom?

Who is a Sports Mom?
Photo credits to Sports Mom Society

People in Toronto tend to have different definitions for who a sports mom is. We believe that there is a simple definition that covers all the bases. A sports mom is that mom that is fully dedicated to whatever sport her kids take an interest in and is willing to go the extra mile for them. 

She is like every other mom except for the fact that she gets her kids ready for every one of their sporting events, shows up at every game, is a total team player, ride-or-die hype man and the occasional coach.

Who is a Sports Mom?It is important to note that a sports mom bleeds whatever colour of jersey her kids are wearing at the time. She can sometimes get hysterical on the sidelines and yell more than she should, especially when things are not going in favour of her kid’s team. However, when the game is finally over, she is there to either celebrate with the team or pick up the broken pieces. Some may even go as far as calling a sports mom a modern-day superhero in tracksuits.

In essence, a sports mom in Toronto is that mom that is always there for her kids and the sporting family. They work around the clock to ensure that their kids make it to practices on time, are well-fed and hydrated, and that they show up at games punctual and in the right jerseys. 

All of this is a full-time job. Showing up for your family when it matters, most will take a chunk of your time and energy. This is why it may prove challenging to handle both work life and family time as a sports mom. Let us take a quick look at some of the unique characteristics of a sports mom.


What Makes a Sports Mom in Toronto?

There are several ways that people can always identify you as a sports mom with absolute certainty, and we will tell you. Bear in mind that the intensity of these characteristics varies from mom to mom. The primary calling cards of a sports mom in Toronto are:

She is her kids biggest fans

A sports mom is the biggest fan of her kid or kids, as the case may be. And what’s more, everyone knows it! Even if a mom in everyday life is quiet, a sports mom quickly does away with such reservations when she is on the sidelines watching her kids. 

Her pride is evident in her occasional thunderous voice shouting coaching tips, encouragement, and whatever else needs to be said or, shouted. A sports mom yells, screams, groans and growls on the sidelines while loving every moment of it.

Her car is a moving home 

People may not believe it, but a sports mom has everything she and her kids need for a successful sporting life inside her vehicle. From extra sporting pieces of equipment to blankets and loads of snacks, which often goes as lunch. 

For a sports mom, it will feel like you spend too long moving around in your car, especially on the weekends. But as long as it’s for your kids, you’ll be okay with it. 

Her kids are always hungry

If your kids are almost always hungry, then in all likeliness, you are doing an exceptional job as a sports mom. Sports moms are used to having two dinners in their homes. 

There is the first one that is eaten before practice and then the second that comes after the intensive, energy-draining practices and games. 

Not to mention the many snacks and drinks that go in between the meals. Mostly, a sports mom and her kids are almost always on an empty stomach waiting to be filled.

Scheduling is a nightmare

For a sports mom, there simply isn’t enough time for anything asides from the sport, family and maybe work. Therefore, scheduling a social call or gathering of any kind can be a headache. When you or your kids get invited out, as a social mom, before you can answer, you will have to do an extensive background check. 

That is, you have to check your kid’s numerous sporting timetables and relevant emails from the coach before you commit yourself or your kids to quitting. As a sports mom, your weekends are probably packed tight with practices and games. So much so that you barely have time to think about things.

This brings us to how to help you balance work and family as a sports mom. It will not do to let one of either work or the family suffer for the other. In view of this, we will be giving you several steps to help you on your way to being a better working mother and sports mom.


How to Balance Work and Family as a Sports Mom

What Makes a Sports Mom in Toronto?In Toronto, it is not uncommon for sports moms to feel some level of frustration when they have tried and failed to balance their work and their family. Every sports mom wants to be at her kid’s game even if her kid does nothing but chase after the ball all day. And when work gets in the way of that, it can be surprisingly very saddening. 

However, this does not mean she wants her work to decline for the sake of her kids. So, you may be wondering what the trick to balancing work and family as a sports mom is. Here are a few tips to make you the perfect combination of work and family as a sports mom. 

Call a family meeting

This is very crucial. Before the beginning of every sports season, you should call a family meeting so that you can effectively plan for the coming months. In this meeting, you will prepare the family’s master calendar, note sporting engagements, and clarify commitments as well as goals.

Also, you need to be sure whether your kid wants to keep playing the sport or wants a change. Most importantly, you also want to ensure that you have the time, energy and money to maintain your support. This time spent preparing before the season starts is essential. It will help you stay on top of things in your family so that your work does not suffer, and everyone wins.

Set limits for yourself at work

As a sports mom in Toronto, you do not want to be stuck working overtime or even worse, working on weekends. These are limits you want to set with your employer, especially during the sporting season. And if you run your own business, even better. 

All you have to do is make sure you are not at work when you should be at a game or other such sports mom obligations. Setting a limit for yourself at work is essential if balancing your work and family is a priority for you. 

Talk to your kids

Your children may be athletes, students and kids altogether, but to them, you are simply their mother. Communication is vital in a sports family. You must talk to your kids and find out answers to the following:

  • What they need from you
  • What they need you to do
  • How you can make the sporting season better for them

This will make it easier to make decisions regarding sports, family and work without banging heads together. Also, you have to make sure you are there at the moments that matter. Qualifying and final games should never be missed if it can be helped. 

If they win these, you’d be there to celebrate with them, and if they lose, your comforting shoulder and encouraging words will be there too. Picking the right moments to be present and absent may be the difference between balancing work and family for sports moms in Toronto.

Make yourself a priority list

Irrespective of how hard you try, you will have to decide which one holds more importance to you — your work or your duties as a sports mom with your family. After you have drawn up a list of your priorities, you will be able to see clearly where your heart is and rearrange your schedule until it works for your needs. 

We are not saying to neglect one for the other. Instead, you may have to compromise a little, bend a little here and there so that you don’t miss out on games or making the money that helps your family.

Stay beautiful with cosmetic treatments

Stay beautiful with cosmetic treatmentsThe body’s natural ageing process can be especially tough on sports moms. Wrinkles, frown lines, worry lines, pockets of fat, acne and rough skin are some of the effects of this process.

Thankfully, treatments such as CoolSculpting, Botox and Laser hair removal can help sports moms stay beautiful with far less stress. With a few short sessions, you can achieve your perfect body goals. 

This is an important part of balancing work and family for sports moms. Being a sports mom requires confidence and self-love. Getting your body to look beautiful, young and revitalized with fewer side effects can do wonders for your confidence levels. As a result, you’ll be able to tackle work and family productively. In the next section, we will show you how to look beautiful with cosmetic treatment in Toronto.

How Cosmetic Treatments can Help Sports Moms

A refreshed, younger look can make all the difference for sports moms. Most of the time, it is impossible to find the time to exercise and keep up with daily treatments. 

The result of this is that certain unwanted elements can creep into your appearance. Those wrinkles suddenly increase in number. Perhaps you don’t have the time to shave your arms and legs. Sometimes, finding the time to get rid of that stubborn pocket of fat with exercise can be hard.

This is where beauty treatments come in. Today, most cosmetic treatments are fast and require little commitment from you. They are quick, have fewer side effects and are effective. With a few short trips to a medical spa in Toronto, you can revitalize your beauty.

Here’s how a cosmetic treatment can help sports moms in Toronto:

Remove wrinkles with quick Botox treatments

Long are the days when you would have to undergo invasive surgery to get rid of wrinkles on your face. Multiple wrinkles on the face can make you look way older than your age. Also, it gives an always-tired expression that can affect your looks.

With a couple of injections from a medical spa in Toronto, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles drastically. Botox treatments work by forcing the muscles that cause wrinkles underneath your skin to relax semi-permanently. 

As a result of the effects of Botox treatments, target muscles will be unable to contract for up to 6 months. If these muscles can’t contract, they won’t be able to form wrinkles and frown lines. This way, you’ll enjoy a smooth wrinkle-free facial appearance.

Botox treatments are quick and can be completed in less than an hour. Also, the results are worth the cost of Botox in Toronto.

Remove wrinkles with quick Botox treatments

Contour your body

As a sports mom, finding the time to exercise can be nearly impossible. With so many appointments to keep up with for work and family, finding time for an effective, regular exercise routine can be especially tough.

At our cosmetic spa in Toronto, we offer effective CoolSculpting treatments. CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that works using a tech called cryolipolysis.

A special applicator is used to freeze targeted pockets of fat in the body. This applicator is non-invasive so you won’t feel any pain. Over time, the frozen fat cells will die and be removed by the body’s natural processes. Therefore, there will be a slimming effect in the target area.

CoolSculpting in Toronto can be used to remove fat in the arms, legs, stomach, thighs and buttocks regions.

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Achieve hairless skin

Those hot afternoons on the sidelines can get very sweaty and extra stickier with excess hair on your body. Hair removal treatments such as waxing and electrolysis are painful alternatives. Also, they require a level of dedication that can be tough to keep up with.

Laser hair removal is a hair removal treatment that offers effective results quickly. With half-hour sessions, you can get rid of unwanted hair on your body on a more permanent basis. With these treatments, you will enjoy smooth hairless skin with zero pain.

These are not the only ways in which cosmetic treatments can boost your looks. You can get rid of acne scars with laser treatments, treatments for hair loss, skin redness and more.

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In Conclusion 

Balancing work and family as a sports mom is no small feat. However, it is very achievable, and with the few tips we have given you, it is more of a more straightforward job. Start small! If you’re in Mississauga, attend this FREE event on  Apr 23, 2020.

Most importantly, it is better not to underestimate the need for beauty treatments. At our medical spa in Toronto, we offer a range of cost-effective as quick procedures that can help you revitalize your beauty.

Do you have further questions about how to balance work and family as a sports mom? Perhaps you are looking for quick beauty treatments that will help you balance work and life better. Contact Canada MedLaser today. We’d love to answer your questions.

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How to Prioritize Self Care as a Busy Mom

Self Care as a Busy Mom

Self-care is a vital part of being a well-rounded, happy and efficient mom in the Greater Toronto Area. Yet it’s often one of the last things busy moms do. Prioritizing self-care can be difficult when you have a family to take care of, a home to clean, groceries to buy, laundry to do. However, if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be the busy mom that your family and children need.

How to Prioritize Self Care as a Busy Mom

Time is valuable for any busy mom. There never seems to be enough of it. And when you think about your priorities, making time for self-care probably may be at the bottom of your to-do list — below, kids, work, home, and family.

You are responsible for smoothening the daily lives of your family, getting your kids to the games and school, taking care of laundry, caring for wounds and more. These are just a few of the tasks we take on. At the end of each season, we plan farewell parties and make cute slideshows. Sometimes, we may even shed a tear or two when the time to say goodbye comes, even if it’s still the next season.

If you don’t take out time for yourself, you may be doing more harm than good. Stress, burnout, exhaustion and even illnesses can be more intense when self-care is nonexistent. More importantly, failure to take care of your skin, body and beyond can take a toll on your self-esteem. Doing whatever you need to do to feel good should be your priority. If going to the gym feels good, do it. Getting a facial feels good, do it. Maybe, getting some botox will make your face look brighter and tighter which will make you feel great! DO IT! Busy moms are not invincible. With time and an increase in age, your skin will begin to lose its elasticity and natural smoothness. Ageing signs like wrinkles and frown lines start showing.

A huge part of self-care for busy moms in Toronto is to carry out certain skin procedures. There are different skin procedures that can revitalize your skin and boost your beauty with zero pain.

How to Prioritize Self Care as a Busy MomBusy moms in Toronto indeed lead full lives. However, this makes the need for self-care for busy moms doubly important. Self-care isn’t taking a few short minutes to watch TV. It doesn’t stop at eating your favourite cookies at the end of the day. 

It involves taking the time to carry out certain health and wellness activities. It involves taking your supplements, having a daily skincare regimen and going for your facial treatments. In fact, the use of effective cosmetic treatments to keep you looking beautiful all season round. Before we go deeper into self-care, let’s start by defining who a busy mom is.

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Who is a Busy Mom?

A busy mom is typically a woman who never stops at anything to get things done for her family. Busy moms are a rare breed. They sleep, eat and bleed red (or whatever your team colour is). More importantly, they are always on the go. They value competition and love a good win just as much as their children do. Also, they accept every loss as a bridge to greatness and a chance to do more. 

Who is a Busy Mom?

Some even go as far as wearing personalized team-mom clothing and making unique posters to grace the biggest games. They watch in the rain, the snow, the heat and the cold. They hate to miss a game.

Generally, busy moms are versatile and always ready to get going when it comes to running the house and the family’s busy life together.


The Benefits of Self-Care For Busy Moms in Toronto

Self-care is not being selfish. As a busy mom in Toronto, it’s one of the best things you can do for your family and kids. The absence of self-care can lead to a dangerous burnout that can have severe implications for your long term health.

The only way to boost your health and effectiveness is to carry our regular self-care activities designed to help busy moms. Here are other benefits of self-care for busy moms in Toronto:

It enables you to develop a personal relationship with yourself

Taking time out every day for self-care can help busy moms develop healthy relationships with themselves. A personal relationship with one’s self is essential.

It is no secret we all are devoted to certain other people in our lives. However, without a good relationship with yourself, your relationships with friends and family will suffer. 

Taking time to stop and do something we love, allows us to check in with ourselves. As a busy mom in Toronto, self-care enables you to take a breather. You can recalibrate and ask yourself important questions like:

  • How do I feel?
  • Is this how I want to feel?
  • Am I doing what I love?
  • How can I do better?

It helps to fight fatigue and illness

Neglecting self-care practices can lead to severe fatigue and disease for busy moms in Toronto. It also decreases your ability to support and look after those who are important to us 

If you don’t look after yourself, you are more likely to fall sick. You may feel that you can’t pause taking care of your favourite people. However, remember that if you’re unwell, you’ll find it challenging to look after all those other people you want to support. This is one of the significant benefits of self-care for busy moms in Toronto.

It offers positive feelings for you

Practicing self-care produces positive feelings, which helps boost confidence and self-esteem. Most of the activities you are likely to add to your list of self-care practices will make you feel good.

Whether you choose to dance for 5minutes or meditate for 10 minutes a day, you’ll feel better and in high spirits. The more you do this, the more you’re likely to recognize that you deserve to feel good. This, in turn, will enhance your confidence and feelings of self-love.

It offers positive feelings for you

It increases productivity levels 

As a busy mom, focusing on self-care can help improve your motivation and productivity levels. It could be that you spend your time looking forward to the fifteen minutes you get at the end of the day to unwind. This way, you’re motivated to work hard to get there quicker. 

In general, the fact that you’re taking time out will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. As such, you’ll have more energy to get the other important stuff done.

It keeps you looking young and beautiful

For most busy moms, looking beautiful is a huge need. Wrinkles, frown lines, acne and other skin conditions can quickly make you look older than you really are. Sometimes, it may result in a permanently tired look that just doesn’t cut it.

As part of self-care for busy moms in Toronto, frequent visits to a medical spa in Toronto is a must. Through quick, painless sessions you can look younger again. Treatments such as laser treatment for acne scars, Botox injections, CoolSculpting and more are quick and offer natural, beautiful results.

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Self-care Tips for Sports moms: Health and Wellness

As a busy mom in Toronto, if you’re struggling to make self-care a priority, then start by prioritizing your health. This is the first part of self-care for busy moms. The second includes cosmetic treatments that will revitalize your beauty.

Prioritizing your health will allow you to carry out self-care practices you didn’t even know existed. 

Below are a few tips to help busy moms in Toronto take better care of themselves.

Understand that your health is important

Prioritizing self-care is a delicate balance. Knowing where to start with your self-care plan is the first step. Before you engage in anything else, start by taking care of your health.

If you refuse to take good care of yourself, no one else will. 

This can be a hard concept to follow when you have dirty diapers to handle and kids to put to bed. However, don’t be like those that learned the hard way that if they don’t take care of themselves, they can’t take care of their family.

By focusing on sleep, drinking enough water, exercising, taking vitamins, and enjoying a daily unwind time, you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep regularly

Are you the type that feels like you’re losing your mind whenever you’re sleep deprived? Hands-on parenting, especially in the early stages, can be very demanding and will take up all of your sleep hours. However, you must find the time to sleep.

Being a parent isn’t an easy task, but taking your time to get quality sleep can bring more spark to your routine and lifestyle.  You can try setting a repeat alarm to remind you to sleep early and get more hours in.

Although it might be challenging to adjust to an early bed routine, you’ll end up getting used to it over time. A night of good and quality sleep always brings forth a lovely, energy-filled day. 

Drink more water

Drink more waterFrom wrinkle reduction to weight loss, drinking enough water is highly recommended as a self-care tip for busy moms in Toronto.

However, drinking more water or taking excess water can sometimes be challenging. Most doctors will recommend that you consume around 9 ounces of water every hour you’re awake. Of course, this may take some getting used to, but your body will thank you for it.

The moment your body gets used to exercising and drinking water regularly, you’ll see positive changes in your energy levels and radiance. In time, your body will naturally crave water and demand it every hour.

Add vitamins or supplements to your health routine

Vitamins and supplements also offer much-needed energy and make you feel better by replenishing your strength. In as much as you’re taking the time to relax, one important self-care tip for busy moms is to eat right.

Adding a healthy helping of fruits and vegetables to your diet can make a lot of difference. Fruits and vegetables offer a good source of vitamins for your body. Additionally, supplements can be beneficial. Ask your doctor about the right kind of vitamin supplements that will boost your diet.

Regular relaxation time

This is perhaps one of the most important self-care tips for busy moms in Toronto. No matter how busy your schedule may be, carve out time to relax regularly and stick to it.

Your proper relaxation time can be pencilled in as sleeping, meeting up with friends or reading a book at the end of the day. If you work away from home, always make time to relax before and after work. It may sound a bit awkward to find relaxation time in the morning considering the rush hours. However, it’ll help you keep your focus and prepare ahead.

Generally, saving a couple of minutes to rest your mind and relax will have a significant impact on your energy levels all day long. Regardless of when you choose to relax or unwind, proper rest is essential to your health. 

Regular relaxation time

Find a support group or go to an event

Various busy moms groups are accessible locally or online in Toronto. You can ask around your locality for nearby ones or search online for support groups for busy moms in Toronto. Also, if you are friends with parents from your kid’s school or busy group, you can always connect with them. 

A support group allows you to know that you are not alone. When you are facing hectic days that seem beyond you, you’ll always have valuable help to count on.

In fact, we’d love to have you at our ‘Self-Care for Busy Moms’ event at Canada Medlaser (Mississauga). Get your tickets here. It’s FREE.

Try a new hobby

Busy moms often lose their identity. You can avoid a scenario like this one if you prioritize engaging in a hobby. You can restart your old hobbies or try out a new one. If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you can take up your yoga sessions all over again. 

Other hobbies that you can take up include jogging, swimming and photography. Commit more minutes to things that inspire, motivate, or challenge you more to be more and do more.

Self-Care for Busy Moms: Revitalizing Your Beauty 

A simple visit to a medical spa in Toronto can make all the difference for your beauty and looks. Most busy moms in Toronto don’t realize those beauty treatments are an important part of self-care.

These treatments are quick. This means that you can fix sessions easily into an already packed schedule. More importantly, they are painless and well worth the costs. 

Here’s how cosmetic treatments in Toronto can contribute to your self-care:

They will revitalize your look 

We know those odd questions about how tired you look can be annoying. Cosmetic treatments in Toronto such as the use of dermal fillers, Botox and Dysport can really take years off your face.

As you grow older, your skin loses elasticity and Hyaluronic acid. As a result, your skin will appear loose and tired. Hyaluronic acid fillers can fill up your skin and attract water to the treatment area thereby revitalizing your looks.

Do you have questions about dermal fillers or Botox treatments in Toronto? We are a top-rated medical spa in Toronto. Contact us today.

Remove unwanted wrinkles and frown lines

Wrinkles under the eyes, in the forehead region and around the mouth can make you look older. Getting rid of unwanted wrinkles and frown lines is an important part of self-care that busy mom shouldn’t miss out on.

We design Botox treatments to target muscles that are no longer as elastic as they used to be. These muscles cause wrinkles with frequent contractions. Botox treatments cause these muscles to lose their elasticity and stay in place. 

The treatment can be used for lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth area, forehead, between the brows and more. The result is a smooth, wrinkle-free skin that boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Remove unwanted wrinkles and frown lines

Get rid of acne scars

Acne scars are a long term after-effect of acne breakouts that can be ugly. Finding the time to keep up with helpful acne treatment routines can be tasking. More of them than not, these breakouts often leave with unwanted acne scars.

Your self-care efforts are not complete if you are not happy with your facial skin. Laser treatments for acne scars are effective at getting rid of these unwanted scars. With a few quick painless sessions, you can lighten the appearance of scars considerably. 

These are not the only ways in which a visit to a cosmetic spa can help you. There are different treatments that offer beautiful results for your beauty needs. Your best option is to go in for a consultation session to determine the best treatments for you. 



While you may automatically think self-care for busy moms has to do with your bodies, it also addresses your emotional and mental needs. Sometimes, self-care also includes more difficult subjects like addressing family issues, personal problems, or creating boundaries with others.

As a part of self-care, it is important that you don’t underestimate the importance of visiting a cosmetic spa in Toronto. There are different treatments that offer immense benefits for your beauty and appearance.

In conclusion, setting your mental and physical health as a priority is one of the best ways you can take care of yourself. Also, find time to take yourself out to have fun and celebrate with friends and families. It’s essential to note that whether you can spare a couple of minutes or an hour every day, it will come with long term positive benefits for you and your family.

Do you need self-care treatments for your face? Perhaps, you are wondering how you can contour your body to perfection. Our expert medical aestheticians can help you. Book a consultation session with us today!

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