How Do You Prepare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

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To adequately ready yourself for summer, you should know how to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal. Summer in Toronto means you can ditch the sweaters and socks for the latest swimsuits and bikinis.

Your reason for getting Brazilian laser hair removal treatments may not revolve around summer. Perhaps you prefer having hairless skin in your Bikini area. Whatever the rationale behind it, adequate preparation can help you get the best Brazilian laser hair removal results.

Brazilian laser hair removal involves removing the hairs around the bikini line. The result is a smooth, soft and hair-free bikini line you can flaunt without any insecurities.

Also, with consistent sessions, you will no longer have to battle ingrown hairs or endure painful waxing. This is why WebMD rates Brazilian laser hair removal as one of the best hair removal methods for men, women and transgenders.

For a first-timer, it’s normal to have questions like “is Brazilian laser hair removal safe?” With this hair removal method, there’s no skin invasion and no need for downtime. It’s completely safe!

Also, with the right tips to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal, your procedure will be easy and fast. Thankfully, this article provides that knowledge. In it, we will cover how to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal.

In addition to this, we will discuss what you can expect during your Brazilian laser hair removal session. The quality of aftercare also affects Brazilian laser hair removal results. As such, we will discuss how to care for yourself post-treatment. Let’s get into it!

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How to Prepare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The first step in preparing for Brazilian laser hair removal is a consultation with the medical aesthetician. Consulting with the medical aesthetician helps you to know if you are suitable for the procedure or not.

Typically, your consultation will include:

  • Answers to questions about your health and medical history
  • Details about the procedure
  • Discussions about the level of hair removal necessary
  • Price estimate for your Brazilian laser hair removal.

Also, during your consultation, you’ll find out when your first session is. Additionally, the medical aesthetician will let you know the number of sessions you’ll be having.

It’s important to know there are categories of people who aren’t eligible to get Brazilian laser hair removal. Info from HealthLine exempts the following group of people:

  • People with grey or white hair
  • Pregnant women.

After you’ve been cleared to undergo Brazilian laser hair removal treatments, there are things you should avoid. Taking caffeine before your procedure can make you feel uncomfortable during the appointment. Also, as much you can, avoid shaving for about two weeks before your procedure.

Furthermore, avoid waxing, plucking or epilating before your session. Shaving is the only hair removal method allowed. Even with shaving, there are a few measures to follow. This includes steering clear of dull razors and scented shaving products.

In the same vein, some practices can ensure you get the best results. Here are the steps to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal.

Take a shower

It’s important you bathe thoroughly on the morning of your Brazilian laser hair removal sessions. Brazilian laser hair removal happens in the bikini area.

As you very well know, the bikini area tends to emit an unpleasant smell if you don’t bathe. Hence, bathing makes the area cleaner and more accessible to the medical aesthetician. It also opens your skin pores thereby increasing the efficacy of the laser devices.

Using wet wipes can help make the job easy. Take wet wipes along with you to wipe down there before your procedure.

Steps for laser hair removal

Dress comfortably

Dressing comfortably will mean wearing free clothes. You can wear loose pants or a skirt to ensure you don’t irritate the treatment area after the procedure. Tight-fitting clothes can cause inflammation around the treatment area.

Avoid sunbathing or tanning

Tanning before your procedure is a big no. If you expose the treatment area to the sun before your procedure, you may have to reschedule.

If you are going to the beach before your procedure, avoid wearing swimsuits that expose the treatment area. Instead, wear shorts or a sarong to protect the area from UV rays and ready for the treatment.

Exfoliate the treatment area gently a night before your procedure

While exfoliating before your procedure, it’s important you do it gently. Roughly exfoliating can cause cuts. Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin cells in the treatment area.

Additionally, it aids easier removal of hairs. You can use an acne cleaner for this or brush the area gently with an old brush.

Take pain relievers

Brazilian laser hair removal isn’t a surgical procedure that requires you to take anesthesia. However, for some people with a low pain threshold, it can be quite painful. Taking pain relievers shortly before your treatment can reduce how much of the discomfort you will feel.

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Shave your bikini area

Resist plucking your hairs or waxing before your treatment session. Instead, shave your bikini area and your bum carefully. Although, this shaving doesn’t have to be a total one. You should be aiming to reduce the length of your hair to 0.4 inches.

This allows the laser to easily target your hair follicles. In summary, your hair must not be too long or short.

Part of how to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal is shaving properly. Here are some tips to help you in that regard.

  • It helps to section out the bikini area for shaving. Start out with the top, then move to the genital area and finish with your bum.
  • Using scissors, trim off all long hairs before going in with a razor.
  • Ensure your bikini area is wet. We don’t advise shaving the area while it’s dry.
  • Don’t be in a rush to finish. The bikini area is delicate and should be treated delicately.
  • Don’t exert too much pressure while shaving. You may end up cutting yourself.
  • It helps to store aloe vera in the fridge beforehand. Then, use it on the shaved area afterwards.
  • Avoid going over one section with a razor several times. Over-shaving will leave your hair too short for the Brazilian laser hair removal procedure.

Additionally, shaving your bikini area under a running shower may be difficult. Alternatively, we recommend shaving in a bathtub that’s half-filled or by the bathroom sink. A half-filled bathtub allows you to kneel in it without completely immersing your bikini area in water.

Furthermore, if neither options work for you, you can try doing it in your room instead. All you’ll need are two bowls of water, a large or full-length mirror and your razor. Like doing it in your bathroom, take your time and be gentle. In the next section, we will discuss shaving for your Brazilian laser hair appointments in more detail.

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How to Prepare Your Bikini Area for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Getting the right shape for your bikini area while shaving can impact the Brazilian laser hair removal results. Your preparation for Brazilian laser hair removal involves you marking out your bikini line desired shape. Once that is out of the way, you can then proceed to shave.

Here is a step-by-step to preparing the treatment area for Brazilian laser hair removal.

Step 1: Mark the shape of your bikini line

To get a good view of your bikini line, it’s better to work with a full-length mirror. Start by cutting off long hair to enable you to get a better glimpse of your bikini line. Then, facing the mirror, mark your bikini line with a pencil and ensure it’s visible enough for you. you can use an eye pencil on your dry skin to separate the area you are shaving.

Don’t fret if you don’t get it right the first time, clean it and start again. Do this until you have gotten the desired shape for your bikini line. When you get the shape you want, darken the lines so you don’t exceed it while shaving.

Step 2: Ready your bikini area

If you used a white pencil to mark your bikini line, chances are that shaving foam will make it hard to see. Hence, opting for shaving oil is a better idea.

Also, before you begin shaving, wet the area around your bikini line and apply just a little shaving oil. Be careful not to smear the pencil with the oil.

Step 3: Start shaving

Having a full mirror here will be an added advantage because it’ll ensure you don’t miss any part while shaving. Remember that this is the most important step, the results you get from your Brazilian laser hair removal depend on how you shave. While shaving, always begin at the top of your bikini line to get an even shave.

Furthermore, it helps when you shave towards the bikini line you earlier drew. Remember that exerting too much pressure won’t make the shave neat, it’ll only give you cuts. Shave gently, lightly and steadily. Also, rinse the blade after each cut to ensure it’s free of hair.

Going slow not only prevents cuts but also helps to prevent you from over-shaving the area. After you have shaved the top section, clean the area with a wet cloth. Preferably, the cloth should be dipped into lukewarm water before using it to wipe the area.

The next couple of paragraphs is targeted at women trying to prepare for a Brazilian laser hair removal session. For your thighs up to your labia, just like the top section, apply shaving oil. Work your way from your thighs, moving steadily toward your labia.

When you are done on one side, repeat the same on the second side. After shaving both sides, gently wipe your thighs and labia with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water.

Typically, the labia is soft and delicate therefore it doesn’t need so much pressure. When shaving the labia, be sure to stretch out the skin so you can shave it well. For the labia, it helps if you elevate your leg while shaving the outer labia to the inner labia. Remember to add shaving oil to the labia to aid smooth shaving.

When you’re done shaving both labia, use a soft cloth to clean off the shaving oil and shaved hair. Also, to ensure you got all the hair around the labia, spread them open apart a bit to check. Should you find any hair in the inner labia, shave it off gently. The inner labia is soft so it doesn’t need pressure.

Knowing how to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal is incomplete without shaving the bum. Here are some tips to help you shave your butt cheeks and perianal area correctly.

  • Don’t start shaving from your butt cheeks. Always begin from the bikini line to avoid risks of infection.
  • To help you see your bum clearly, place your mirror in a way that shows your bum well.
  • Start shaving by applying shaving oil around the area while squatting. Squatting helps you get to the back of your bum.
  • Always rinse your razor after each shave.
  • After you’re done shaving your bum, use a warm cloth to wipe off hairs from your bum.

After you’re done shaving, you should refrain from using cold water around that area. Because the surrounding skin is still sensitive from shaving, lukewarm water can help to prevent skin irritation. Also, you should avoid using any lotion or moisturizers on the surrounding skin before your treatment session.

What Happens During Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal is a noninvasive procedure that produces immediate results. Compared to waxing and plucking, Brazilian laser hair removal offers more permanent results.

On the day of your appointment, you will do a patch test to see how your skin reacts with the laser. How long your Brazilian laser hair removal session lasts depends on the treatment area.

Typically, the session lasts for about 45 mins to one hour. For people with a low pain threshold, numbing creams are applied to reduce the discomfort. Many people describe the pain as a warm rubber sting.

Typically, the medical aesthetician will deliver laser pulses to the treatment area using a handheld device. At the best spas, the handheld device usually has a cooling technology that eases any pain that comes with the treatment.

Brazilian laser hair removal works by the heat from the laser destroying hair follicles in the treatment area. This prevents hair growth which can lead to permanent hair loss in the treatment area over time.

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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

After your Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatment session, you may feel a little sore. You may also experience redness, bruises or swelling. Apply aloe vera gel to reduce the burning effect you feel. Here are some other Brazilian laser hair removal aftercare tips.

  • Wash the treatment area with mild soap.
  • Because hair shedding is normal after your treatments, gently exfoliate the treatment area to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • For about two months after your treatments, avoid exposing the treatment area to the sun.
  • Avoid waxing or plucking the treatment area after your session.
  • Avoid saunas or other heat treatments for about a week.
  • Reduce exercises for three days after your treatments.
  • Avoid hot showers or baths.
  • Scarring may occur if you scratch the treatment area as a result of crusting.
  • For two days, avoid swimming or things that contain chlorine.

Frequently Asked Questions on Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Usually, people trying Brazilian laser hair removal for the first time have different ideas of the treatment. Many compare the pain to waxing while others are unsure if they are eligible. Here are some frequently asked questions on Brazilian laser hair removal.

Does Brazilian laser hair removal work for all skin types?

Because the laser targets the pigment in your hair follicles, people with dark hair and light skin get the best results. Redheads or blondes may not get the same results as those with dark hair. However, your medical aesthetician will determine the results you get depending on your hair and skin colour.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

The number of treatment sessions you need depends on how much hair you have around your bikini line. Typically, if you want to remove all the hairs around the bikini line, you will require about four to six sessions.

How long should I wait in between sessions?

It’s best to space your treatment sessions by six weeks. It helps you get the best results by targeting the hair when it’s in its growth cycle.

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To Wrap It Up

If you’re tired of waxing or other painful hair removal methods for your bikini area, Brazilian laser hair removal is your best option. With Brazilian laser hair removal, you can achieve near-permanent hair loss after a minimum of six sessions. After each session, it’s advised you refrain from waxing as it can further irritate your skin.

Getting the best results from your treatment session depends on the things you do before and after your treatment. Thankfully, this article discusses how to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal.

With Canada MedLaser, we can help you practice the tips discussed in this article and more. Our team of highly trained medical aestheticians will take the time to help you get in the best frame of mind for your Brazilian laser hair treatments. Contact us today to book an appointment with our experts!

What Can You Expect During Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

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Brazilian laser hair removal has become a common procedure for reducing hair growth in private areas. However, it’s still a relatively new treatment option. As such, there are questions about what to expect during Brazilian laser hair removal.

Since the procedure involves a stranger coming in contact with your private area, it’s understandable that you may be concerned. At the same time, you may be wondering how much pain you have to deal with. The private area is delicate. Therefore, it’s best to do all you can to protect it.

This article discusses what to expect during Brazilian laser hair removal. We will take a look at the procedure and what you can do to make it go smoothly. Knowing this will help prepare you for your sessions and ensure you make the most of them.

What Is Brazilian Hair Laser Removal?

Shaving and waxing are fine hair removal methods. However, the truth is they can’t be as flawless and permanent as a hair laser removal. When you shave or wax your private hair, the hair will regrow faster than you think. This causes you to shave or wax again, both of which can be stressful things to do.

On the other hand, Brazilian hair laser removal involves using advanced laser technology to reduce hair growth. The technology is designed to remove hair in your private area through light wavelengths. The hair absorbs the light wavelengths, which destroys the hair follicles and ensures that hair doesn’t regrow in that area for a long period.

The good thing about this procedure is that there’s high precision with the technology. As such, a highly trained medical aesthetician can work on the target hair follicles without tampering with surrounding hair. Following the procedure, you’ll get smooth skin devoid of hair follicles that cause hair to regrow. This will be the case for a long period.

Thigh laser hair removal

Why Brazilian laser hair removal is unique

Brazilian laser hair removal is unique because of its permanence. Other hair removal methods require that you maintain the hair regularly and also shave or wax at intervals. But with this laser hair removal, you can do away with those worries.

An impressive thing about the procedure is that it doesn’t cause you pain. Clinics are evolving with better technologies to deliver excellent and calming sessions for clients. This is part of what to expect during Brazilian laser hair removal.

The laser tech uses a cryogenic coolant to help keep your private area cool during the process. That way, you can bother less about the Brazilian laser hair removal pain while the expert works on you.

This accounts for why there is an increase in the number of people going for hair laser removal. According to the NCBI, laser hair removal generally has a 73% client-satisfaction rate. So, it’s understandable that Brazilian laser hair removal is an effective procedure.

Yet, it’s crucial to know what to expect during Brazilian hair laser removal. If you decide to go for the procedure today, what should you prepare your mind for? Here’s all you need to know.

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What To Expect During Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Part of what to expect during a Brazilian laser treatment session is a detailed consultation. Typically, this happens before the actual laser treatment appointments.


During this stage, you get to meet with an expert medical aesthetician and discuss your Brazilian laser hair removal needs. The experts will advise you based on your needs and give you insights into how your session will go.

Also, this is the stage where you learn about the potential end-results. Aside from meeting the expert, you will also learn about the facilities and devices the medical spa uses for the treatment.

Furthermore, this is the stage where you discuss pricing. A representative of the medical spa will let you in on the pricing model and the different packages offered. It is up to you to choose the one you desire. If you agree to the pricing, you can move to the next stage of the procedure. But if you don’t, you may have to look for a different medical spa for your Brazilian laser hair removal treatments.

You’ll get paperwork detailing the agreement terms and all relevant details you should know about the process. It’s essential you read the paperwork before signing to ensure you’re not signing over any rights you shouldn’t. Once you finalize that, you’re ready to begin.

Before your laser treatment

Ensure you shave before going for your Brazilian laser hair removal procedure. When the area is shaven, your medical aesthetician can work more efficiently and also get to all the target hair follicles.

Also, ensure to stay away from tanning days before your procedure. Laser treatments are most effective when your skin is in its natural tone. But with tanning and excessive exposure to the sun, you can risk making your skin more vulnerable, which isn’t nice for the procedure. So, stay away from tanning salons for at least two weeks before your procedure.

You’ll have to take off your clothes before getting started. After that, you’ll get a paper sheet which you’ll cover your body with. Right before you start the procedure, ensure you shower. This reduces the awkwardness of having a laser technician work in your private area.

Shower only with water. This way, you can avoid cases of skin irritation arising from using some skincare products. When you shower, it’s easier for a medical aesthetician to access the area to be worked on.

Laser hair removal belly

During your laser treatment

The medical aesthetician will move a handheld device over the treatment area, delivering laser pulses that will damage the hair follicles. Most people who have had this procedure say they feel a pinching effect.

Some others say they feel warm pulses. The reality is that you may get a tingling feeling or slight pain. However, within a short period, your body will adjust to the feeling.

Once your body adjusts, your Brazilian laser session will become manageable. Also, your medical aesthetician may recommend the application of a numbing cream at this stage.

While you will get some tingling effects and sensations, this will reduce if you have undergone a laser treatment in the past. This is because you will already be familiar with the procedure. Although the private part is more sensitive than other areas, the discomfort level you’ll feel is the same as for other parts.

So, essentially, the more treatments you get, the less pain you’ll feel, as your hair will become lighter and easier to remove. This accounts for why many people assert that Brazilian laser hair removal is less painful than waxing. With waxing, the discomfort doesn’t reduce — it’s the same at all times.

Expectations after the treatment

A major part of what to expect during Brazilian laser hair removal sessions is a bit of discomfort during your first treatment session.

This will be the first time you’re having lasers work in your private area. The sensation and the tingling effects will be a new experience. Here are some side effects you may witness after the procedure:

  • Soreness: You’ll feel soreness in the treatment area for a while.
  • Swelling: You should also expect the treatment area to swell up hours after the treatment. This is especially the case when you have your first treatment. The swelling will likely come with a dash of redness. So, you should anticipate any or all of this.
  • To reduce discomfort, compress the treated area with a coolant after the treatment. Also, continue to stay away from the sun.

How many Brazilian laser hair removal sessions do you need?

If you’re curious about what to expect during your Brazilian laser hair removal, consider the number of sessions you need. Laser hair removal is not a procedure you do once and expect a permanent result forever.

To get the best results, you should continue getting your treatment for six months. There’ll be some consistency in the hair follicle removal over this period, which will reduce hair regrowth permanently. While some clients may need six months, some others may need to up to eighteen months of recurring laser hair removal sessions. It all depends on your unique needs.

You also get to see results quite quickly. Within the first ten days, you’ll begin to experience hair shedding off without regrowing. Even though you may spend months before getting maximum laser hair removal results, it’s a more suitable option than waxing and shaving. Once you complete your laser hair removal treatment, you’ll get to enjoy hair-free skin for a long time.

Laser hair removal process

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Medical Spa for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

What to expect during Brazilian laser hair removal is tied to the quality of the medical spa you’re using. While some clinics will deliver excellent services that will leave you healthy and in better condition, you may not get the same with some others.

This makes it important to consider the factors that should influence your choice of medical spa.

Knowledgeable Staff

It’s essential you consider the expertise of the staff. The quality of a clinic’s staff determines the quality of services and care you’ll receive. Laser hair removal is often an expensive procedure. So, you want to be sure you’re getting service from the best minds.

Safety is an important part of getting Brazilian laser hair removal, considering you will be getting work done in your private part area. This is something people are careful and private about. As such, the right medical spa must contemplate these needs and have staff members who understand these needs.

A clinic with knowledgeable staff will also know about various skin types. Your skin type determines the strength of the laser. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for laser hair removal, as the laser must be tuned to your skin needs. Therefore, you want to ensure you’re not placing your skin at risk with the medical spa you’re using.

Services and Equipment

You want to know whether the Brazilian laser hair removal procedure is safe. As such, the first thing to consider here is whether the clinic has FDA-approved equipment. The absence of this is a red flag you should take seriously. The clinic must use approved equipment and devices, as these will determine the results of your Brazilian laser hair removal.

Also, consider the cleanliness and maintenance level in the clinic. A laser hair removal clinic must have high regard for cleanliness and safety to prevent infections and disease transfer. The equipment used must be thoroughly sanitized, and new ones must always be used where necessary.

Reputation and reviews

Are you doubtful about what to expect during Brazilian laser hair removal? Then you should choose a clinic with a solid reputation. Laser hair removal is a delicate treatment. As such, you should always go for medical spas that have established themselves in the market.

Read the reviews on the medical spa before making your choice. Determining a clinic’s reputation is not difficult. Consider whether they follow through with their promises. Also, factor in whether the medical spa follows up on clients. Following up is a non-negotiable feature of a decent clinic because that’s how a medical spa ensures its service has been beneficial to the client.

More so, post-treatment, you may witness some side effects. If the clinic is present through a follow-up, you can quickly and adequately address side effects.

Reading reviews is how you can get insights into all of this. People will always talk about the quality of service they received, especially if it’s bad.


The procedure for Brazilian laser hair removal involves price considerations. A decent clinic should have competitive pricing. Do not be swayed by cheap prices when it comes to your Brazilian laser hair removal.

Consider the average pricing in your location to determine what you should expect. Highly cheap prices should be a red flag. When you get prices of this nature, what to expect during your Brazilian laser hair removal may become questionable.

Therefore, go for competitive but affordable prices. Also, the right clinic for you is one that offers discounts on treatments. This way, you get to receive the service at a relatively pocket-friendly price.

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Final Thoughts

When you wonder what Brazilian laser hair removal feels like, think about a slight pain and ultimately smooth results. The procedure has lots of benefits which have made it more common among residents in Toronto. Most especially, when you complete the treatment, you get to enjoy your skin free from hair for a long period.

This article discusses what to expect during your Brazilian laser hair removal. Once you understand the possibility of downsides to the procedure, such as swelling and skin redness, you can prepare physically and mentally for your treatment. This way, you won’t be caught off-guard.

Here at Canada MedLaser, we have a team of medical aestheticians who will take the time to explain all you need to know about Brazilian laser hair removal. Get in touch with us to book a consultation session today!

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost is Surprisingly Affordable

Brazilian hair removal

Like the popular saying goes “bikinis are fun” until it’s time to remove ingrown hairs. If you’re tired of waxing and other painful hair removal methods, Brazilian laser hair removal is what you need. Sadly, many have the wrong perception of the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal.

Brazilian hair removal is a type of laser hair removal treatment that helps you get rid of unwanted hairs with far less fuss than you are used to. It is a cosmetic procedure that uses modern technology to damage hair follicles. As a result, the results of this hair removal method are long-term. And, contrary to what many believe, the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal isn’t very expensive.

Additionally, as opposed to the traditional methods of hair removal around the bikini area, Brazilian laser hair removal is safer. With it, you have the luxury of leaving some hairs around your lady area or completely removing them. Also, you can feel more confident in how smooth and beautiful the results usually are.

Are you one of the many asking “how much should I pay for Brazilian laser hair removal?” This article answers your question. Here, we throw more light on the factors that determine the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal. With this article, you can come up with an estimate of how much you’ll pay per session of Brazilian laser hair removal.

hair removal brazilian

Cost of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal involves removing all the hair in your Bikini area and around your buttocks. It’s a delicate treatment — a fact that’s reflected in the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal.

Typically, the pricing for Brazilian hair removal depends on the number of sessions.

A session costs between $150 to $300 and most people need about six sessions before they see the best results. This means you should expect to pay $1800 for all your sessions.

Typically, it is cheaper to go for package pricing consisting of 5 sessions or more depending on your needs. This way you will save some money as opposed to paying per session. However, the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal depends on several factors. For illustration, research from the NCBI shows your skin colour can greatly influence how much you’ll pay for a Brazilian laser hair removal session.

Additionally, a person whose hair is darker than their skin tone tends to see better results. The reason is the light from the laser works best with dark hairs. If you have blonde hair or you’re a redhead, you may require more sessions than someone with dark hair. During your consultation, you will get a proper inspection and a breakdown of how this characteristic can affect the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal.

Irrespective of the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal, many people agree it’s worth it. To understand where they are coming from, it helps to focus more on the benefits rather than the cost of the procedure. People who ask “how much does Brazilian laser hair removal cost” often realize after the procedure that the cost is justified.

Conclusively, when you calculate how much you spend on waxing and shaving, you realize they aren’t worth it. Other hair removal options may seem less expensive initially. But, in the long run, they cost more than Brazilian laser hair removal. Also, the bikini area is sensitive. As such, any treatment that comes with fewer side effects and pain is always a plus.

Factors Determining the Cost of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The pricing for Brazilian laser hair removal is also a function of your treatment provider. While some centres charge per session, others may charge according to the number of sessions. Regardless of which payment model your beauty care provider offers, Brazilian laser hair removal is still affordable.

Often, we find that many people perceive Brazilian laser hair removal as costly because they’re unaware of what determines the cost. The cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is dependent on the following factors.

The number of sessions

There isn’t any doubt that the more sessions you have, the more you will pay. A person who gets six sessions will definitely pay more than someone who had just three sessions.

The plus here is you can agree on the total number of sessions that suit your budget during the consultation.

While three-session treatments are popular, to get the best results, we recommend six sessions. Although each session offers noticeable results, it’s always better to opt for six sessions. The number of sessions you get not only determines the cost but also how long the results last. If you want to save more money in the long run, you need the result of your Brazilian laser hair removal to last longer.

Your hair colour

Your skin and hair colour can greatly influence the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal. People with dark hair often get the best Brazilian laser hair results. This is because the pigment present in the hair easily absorbs the laser’s energy. Also, if your skin is light and you have dark hair, it’s even more perfect.

dark hair color

Skin colour

Asides from the colour of your hair, your skin colour alone can affect the total cost of Brazilian laser hair removal. People with really dark skin aren’t the ideal candidate for Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. Just like with hair, the pigment in your skin absorbs the energy the laser emits.

As such, you may need more treatment sessions to completely remove all hair in the bikini area. However, this only comes with a slight bump in price. It doesn’t mean Brazilian laser hair removal is not affordable. In fact, with package pricing, you may not even feel the difference in price.

Owing to this, we recommend that you don’t get a suntan prior to your Brazilian laser hair removal appointment. If possible, a month to your appointment, avoid tanning to give the tan ample time to wear out. Also, before your appointment, you will be asked to reduce your exposure to the sun. This reduces the risk of damage or complications after the procedure.

The treatment area

The larger the size of the treatment area, the higher the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal. Places that don’t require too much time to cover are less expensive than larger areas. Parts of your body like the chest, legs or back require more time to cover thus increasing the total cost.

However, the bikini area is smaller compared to other parts of the body. Consequently, the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is far more affordable than you may have been led to believe by mainstream media.

Where you live

Your location can have a significant impact on the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal. If you reside in a big city, you should expect to pay more.  However, you can get a rough estimate on how much you’ll be expected to pay during your consultation.

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Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal offers numerous benefits which makes it a popular hair removal method. If you’re a lover of one-piece swimsuits, you should seriously consider opting for Brazilian laser hair removal. Your skin is more attractive especially when there are no hairs sticking out. Rather than spend time waxing and causing yourself pain, go for a procedure that is cost-effective.

Additionally, one reason Brazilian hair removal is gaining popularity is because of the confidence it gives. It is precise, fast and cost-effective. You can completely say goodbye to razor cuts you get while shaving. Here are some of the other benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal.

Reduced side effects

With Brazilian laser hair removal, you can be sure you are safe. The procedure doesn’t cause the tissues around the treatment area or cause permanent skin damage.

However, after each session, you can expect slight bruising around the treatment area. Also, you may experience mild redness and swelling that disappear after a few days. That’s all you have to endure!

No ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs can be painful and unpleasant to the eyes. Brazilian laser hair removal helps you get rid of ingrown hairs, unlike shaving and waxing.

Regardless of the hair removal style, you will no longer have to put up with skin irritation caused by shaving or plucking out the hairs. For three months or more depending on your number of sessions, you’ll not have ingrown hairs.

in-grown hair


Initially, the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal may seem too expensive. However, when you begin your sessions, you will realize you’ve cut down on the cost of frequent waxing. Also, you will no longer have to spend money on depilatory creams or other hair removal treatments. Brazilian laser hair removal can be a more permanent solution to removing pubic hairs.


Brazilian laser hair removal targets the hair follicles deep in the skin. This is one advantage it has over intense pulsed light hair removal. It makes removing thick or coarse dark hair easy. Also, it doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. The precision also means you get noticeable results earlier.

No need to wait for hairs to grow

You don’t have to wait for hair growth before booking a Brazilian laser hair removal appointment. You can get Brazilian laser hair removal without any hair on your skin.

Often, experts even advise you to shave before your appointment. This is yet another advantage Brazilian laser hair removal has over other hair removal methods.


This is one of the major benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal. You can expect to be done with a session in less than an hour. Each laser pulse only takes about half a second. During this brief moment, many hair follicles are targeted simultaneously.

Additionally, the laser’s pulse can cover an area that is approximately a quarter’s size every second. For areas like the upper lip, you can finish a session in a minute or less. While large areas may take longer, it still can’t be compared to the time it takes to wax or shave.

It is predictable

This has to be the best part of getting Brazilian laser hair removal. You can almost expect to get all your hairs removed semi-permanently at the end of the sixth session. It goes with saying that it’s the best option to permanently tackle stubborn hairs around the pubic region.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Procedure: What to Expect

It helps to bear in mind that Brazilian laser hair removal is a procedure you do medically. It goes beyond removing unwanted hair from the pubic region. Rather than opt for just any service, check the technician’s credentials before proceeding.

Furthermore, before your appointment, you will be asked to stop electrolysis for at least six weeks. If you wax often, you will also have to stop waxing sessions.

Typically, electrolysis and waxing remove the roots of the hairs Brazilian laser hair removal targets. So, to get the best results, avoid any other hair removal method before your appointment.

The Brazilian laser hair removal procedure is safe and less painful. During the procedure, the hairs around the treatment area will be cut slightly. Also, the technician may apply a numbing cream on the surface of the treatment area. The topical numbing creams also increase the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal.

procedure hair removal

Usually, the numbing cream is applied about 20 minutes prior to the procedure and it helps to reduce discomfort. The pulses from the laser feel like a sting and can be painful if you have a low tolerance for pain. The technician goes on to adjust the laser according to the colour of your hair and thickness. Also, they will take into consideration the colour of your skin.

What makes most people assume Brazilian laser hair removal is expensive is the effort that goes into the procedure. To reduce risks of damage, the technician takes time to study how your skin reacts to the laser. Every effort is put into giving you the best treatment while caring for your safety. This is why eye protection is provided to shield your eyes from the laser beams. It’s all about your safety!

Also, the technician must protect the skin around the treatment area with a cooling device or cold gel. Doing so makes for easy penetration of the laser light into the skin. The procedure should take about an hour depending on the treatment area. After the procedure, you’ll be given creams to soothe the inflammation.

If you feel any discomfort during the procedure, you must call the technician’s attention to it. However, before you begin the technician will test to see if your skin is reacting badly to the laser’s settings. The Brazilian laser hair removal procedure success rate is 100 percent as you can get long-term results.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment may cause slight irritation to your skin. Therefore, caring for your skin afterwards is important. You may feel burning or redness after your session. This is completely normal and will fade after a day or two. However, you may want to apply a cold compress if you feel very uncomfortable.

Below are some tips to help you after your Brazilian laser hair removal procedure.

  • Avoid using hair removal products on the treatment area in between treatment sessions.
  • Avoid waxing or scratching the treatment area.
  • Avoid exposing the treatment area to the sun for two months. If you must, use sunscreen.
  • For about 30 days after your treatment, exfoliate the treatment area gently. This helps to get rid of dead hairs.
  • Don’t apply moisturizer or any makeup to the treatment area for at least 24 hours after treatment. It can further irritate the skin.
  • Keep the treatment area dry and clean.
  • Use only mild soaps for two days after your treatment.
  • Don’t scrub the treatment area harshly for two days. Pat gently until it gets dry.
  • Use a cold compress to reduce inflammation on the skin.
  • Avoid activities that may cause you to sweat around the treatment area.
  • Wear breathable clothes.
  • Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools or steam rooms for a while after your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment.

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To Sum It Up

The question many people who are tired of shaving ask is, “is Brazilian laser hair removal affordable”. The answer is yes. Surprisingly, you don’t have to break the bank for this hair removal treatment. It’s interesting to know the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal only ranges from $150 to $300.

With the benefits we describe above, the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is an investment that is worth it. The best part is, Canada MedLaser offers quality Brazilian laser hair removal treatments in Newmarket. Contact us to earn a FREE consultation session today!

Considerations Before Getting Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Maple

brazilian laser hair removal

A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is designed to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area. With this effective hair removal method, you don’t have to worry about cuts, ingrown hair and uncomfortable bumps.

The hair on your body serves its purposes, but sometimes, it doesn’t do the best for your appearance. Getting rid of them, whether temporarily or permanently, is an important choice for you to make.

To make that decision, you have to weigh certain considerations, especially if you’ll be getting Brazilian laser hair removal treatments. In this article, we discuss what to know before choosing laser hair removal treatments. There are several precautions to take prior to the treatment.

Not to worry, we will provide detailed information on these precautions. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to determine if Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are right for you!

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

The hallmark of this hair removal technique is the laser component. In this, a laser beam is focused on the affected area. The laser produces heat energy, which destroys the hair follicles, making it almost impossible for hair to grow.

During Brazilian hair removal sessions, the target area is the bikini region. The hair around the vaginal opening and the anus are particularly selected for removal.

You may easily confuse a Brazilian with a bikini line hair removal. But the Brazilian is more intensive. The bikini line deals with hair just outside your bikini lines — areas the bikini bottom does not cover. But a Brazilian hair removal treatment gets more up close and intimate.

This type of hair removal technique is typically done in the pubic region, so it is suitable for both men and women. However, it is a more common practice among women.

There are different forms of Brazilian hair removal, with additional terms that become accepted in pop culture. These forms include:

  • Full Brazilian: In this, your nether region is made bare. All the hair around the vagina and the anus is removed. From the front, all the way to the butt and even the bikini line is devoid of hair. This style has also been referred to as “hollywood bikini”.
  • Mini Brazilian: Here, the hair is removed from the frontal parts of your genitals and around the labia and pubis. The hairs along your anus are spared.
  • Brazilian Plus: The hair in your pubic area is left but shaped. Commonly, the hair is shaped like a landing strip. Other shapes are possible such as a triangle. Here, you can customize how you want your area to look.
  • Brazilian Plus: This involves not just the pubic region but hair extending down from your stomach. The idea is to leave you smooth and groomed for the bikini season.

Before You Get Those Hairs Removed

Are you asking yourself if you should get a Brazilian laser hair removal? Before you go take a step to get this treatment, there are some things to consider.

  • Trends change: If you are considering this procedure because everyone is getting it, you should take a moment to reconsider. Having a pubic region totally free of hair only just got popular, and that may change.

Over time Brazilian laser hair removal can result in a permanent reduction in hair growth rates. So, there’s a need for caution. Before you go for this procedure, you have to be certain and confident in your choice.

  • Pubic hair can be beneficial: Yes, it is commonly advised to shave off your pubic hair. Having the hair off may also make those regions better. But the hairs have been found to have some advantages.

Hair growth in those regions has been reported to help prevent infections. It also reduces the risk of chafing. Furthermore, the hair removal process can easily lead to inflammation and irritation, although these side effects don’t stay long.

  • There may be pain: Laser hair removal treatments have come a long way since they became a standard procedure. Earlier treatments usually came with considerable discomfort.

Of course, now, new technology and methods have made this procedure more bearable. But your pubic area is very sensitive as it has a lot of nerve supply.

Undergoing a laser treatment may be more than you can easily bear, especially if you have a low pain threshold. This is something to consider before going all out on a treatment.

  • The hair can better your looks: As you age, your body undergoes a lot of changes. Many areas can begin to droop, and your labia is one of them.

Having some hair down there can be useful to mask these effects. This may suffice if you decide not to go for surgery or other treatments to help fix this.

Preparing For a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Preparing For a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Once you have decided to get those hairs removed, you have to take steps to ensure a successful treatment. One of the most important ones is selecting the right medical spa for the treatment.

While this is not a surgery or a related procedure that requires the most care, you must have confidence in your provider. You should also have discussions about your expectations so your thoughts will align. Doing these will help you feel better before and after the procedure.

Have you been wondering how to prepare for your Brazilian laser hair removal? The following are vital steps to take.


Shaving is one of the most important things you can do before you go for your hair removal session. The effect of shaving is that it leaves the hair follicles bare and present just underneath the skin.

This way, the laser energy can get directly to them. The hair follicles are the laser’s target as destroying them prevents hair from growing in that area.

Also, you will absorb more of the laser energy if the hairs are present. The more laser energy absorbed, the more heat you will feel. By shaving off the hair, you reduce your risk of getting burnt by the heat of the laser.

Shaving is usually prescribed the day or night before the laser treatment. Doing this earlier allows the surface to be just ready for the laser. It will also give time for the area to heal if you cut yourself while shaving.

Furthermore, shaving is the only method of hair removal that is acceptable before going under the laser. Using depilatory creams, exfoliators, and other creams and lotions should be avoided.

In fact, you should not wax, pluck, or bleach the area weeks prior to your treatment. This will disrupt the integrity of the follicles and may affect your results.

Because of how important it is, we will provide some tips to get the best shaving experience.

  1. Take your time to do this. Do not rush, or you might injure yourself.
  2. You should have allowed the hair to grow out well enough. If it is very long, you may use a pair of scissors for an initial trim.
  3. Shave in sections. You may start from the top before going to the sides. If applicable, you may then do the labia and then your perianal area.
  4. It is good to wet the hair to soften it before starting.
  5. Shave in long but gentle strokes against the direction of hair growth.
  6. Avoid passing the blade over a particular section multiple times, and use light pressure with each stroke.
  7. Rinse the area with cold water once you are done to close up your pores.

You should take shaving before the treatment as vital, as it has a significant influence on your results.

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Avoid the sun

You should avoid sun exposure to the treatment area as much as you can. This means no tanning, whether natural or using a spray, weeks before your treatment.

If exposure to the sun is unavoidable, you should apply sunscreen with SPF as high as 50. You should also wear protective clothing to reduce the sun’s effects on your body.

Keep up your hygiene

You Maura maintain tip-top body hygiene before you go in for your Brazilian laser hair removal. You should do this by taking a shower before going in for treatment.

Having your body clean makes it easier for your provider to access all parts of your body. Since you will also be exposing private areas, being clean boosts your confidence and makes it easier for you.

Wear comfortable clothes

You should wear clothes that make you feel free and comfortable and reduce the pressure on your pubic region. Wearing tight clothing can cause irritation, which may be worsened by the laser. The resultant effect is that you have an unpleasant treatment session.

Skirts, baggy shorts, and loose pants are among clothing options for females. For males, tracksuit pants are one of your best options here.

Be at ease

For the best experience, you should make sure you are well relaxed when you go to the treatment center. You will feel better if you understand all that goes on.

So feel free to ask questions on anything you are unclear about. Do this, and you will experience better results.

Procedure for Getting Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The procedure for this hair removal treatment is simple. You may be required to wear protective eyewear, just like the technician, to protect you from the laser.

The procedure is speedy, and the time you spend depends on how large an area you want to cover is. You will only feel mild discomfort as the laser hits your skin. Many have reported that the laser feels like a rubber band is being snapped on your skin.

Many technicians prefer not to use numbing creams on the area. The numbing creams can close up the hair follicles and prevent the laser from effectively reaching them. More commonly, numbing creams are not required.

Besides, a jet of cool air usually accompanies the laser, thereby increasing your comfort. This also reduces any potential damage to the top layer of the skin.

Typically, you may be done with the treatment in as little as a few minutes. Places that take longer times will likely have less advanced machinery. There are centers for Brazilian Hair Removal Treatment in Maple with modern technology and short treatment times.

Brazilian Hair Removal Treatment in Maple

Post-Treatment: What To Expect

You may experience mild swelling in the area, as well as redness, immediately after you get the procedure. This does not stay for a long while before you start to feel relieved.

It is expected that the hair will start to fall out in the first few weeks after treatment. Care must be taken of the treatment area to allow proper healing.

Try hard not to rub, scratch, or shave the area. Some parts of your skin there may start to crust. Do not peel it but let it fall off on its own. You may apply some special ointment your provider will recommend. The idea is to keep the area moist while it heals.

Avoid hot baths or showers in the days immediately after your treatment. You should also avoid swimming, especially in chlorinated waters.

Another aftercare tip is to avoid wearing tight-fitting underwear shortly after the treatment. You should not hesitate to contact your provider if you notice signs of infection. Adhering to the pre-and post-treatment infections is sufficient to ensure positive outcomes.

Final Take

Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is an effective way of freeing yourself from the constant maintenance of your pubes. But its effects can be permanent. So you should be sure you want to undertake such treatment.

If you are decided on the treatment, contact our medical spa for safe, effective Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. Contact Canada MedLaser today for a consultation.