Why Should You Do Facial Sculpting?

Why Should You Do Facial Sculpting?

Do you want to bring back a more youthful, healthy appearance to your face? Are you looking to achieve more beauty? Have you been dreaming of more chiselled contours and structure that many Hollywood faces are showing? Aiming to be the best version of you without surgery? If so, facial sculpting is the best solution you are looking for!

What Is Facial Sculpting?

Facial sculpting is a type of non-surgical treatment that is designed to give the face a lift. It is made to give more definition to the face with the use of injectable dermal fillers.

Why Should You Do Facial Sculpting?

Unlike other cosmetic injections such as Juvederm, facial sculpting does not involve placing gels under the skin. Facial sculpting actually goes deeper beyond the skin. It targets strategic areas of a person’s bone structure. That then facilitates a change in one’s anatomy. Facial sculpting helps you look more defined, attractive and natural!

Benefits of facial sculpting include:

  • Little to no recovery time
  • Quick procedure
  • Minimal pain
  • Long-lasting results
  • High patient satisfaction

Facial sculpting can take around 15 minutes per session with no downtime at all. As an ideal treatment option for men and women of all ages, it varies in cost, depending on the amount of product needed to achieve the desired results.

Dermal Fillers for Facial Sculpting

Why Should You Do Facial Sculpting?

Many people wish that they could make some changes to their face, but do not want to go under the knife to do so. In recent years, the contouring makeup craze offered a way to enhance areas of the face but required a lot of time and skill for very temporary results. Hence, dermal fillers (also known as fillers) are a way to change or enhance facial features that provide a happy medium between permanent surgery and daily makeup.

Dermal fillers are well known for the treatment of wrinkles, for plumping lips, and have become increasingly popular over the past several years. Their effects can also be used to sculpt and contour the face. Using fillers for sculpting and contouring is an amazing way to improve any problem areas of the face quickly, safely and without surgery.

Recovery time is minimal and results can last 6 months or longer. Dermal fillers give a more enhanced and lasting result than contouring makeup yet at the same time also look more natural. Fillers are used to creating or restoring volume, as well as plump, hydrate, and smooth the skin.  They can also be used to improve the symmetry of the face.

For facial sculpting, dermal fillers can be injected in several areas:

  • Lips- create more plump, youthful defined lip, and improve lip symmetry
  • Cheeks- make cheeks fuller and lift them by adding volume
  • Chin- sculpt and elongate chin for a more enhanced look
  • Under-eye area- improve eye bags and reduce dark circles, it can also add volume to the undereye area
  • Neck- reduce neckbands and wrinkles
  • Forehead- smooth outlines and contour
  • Temples- fill out sunken temples by adding volume to that area
  • Nasolabial folds (also known as Laugh Lines or Smile Lines) – improve volume to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles
  • Jawline- reduce jowls and create a more defined jawline
  • Facial contour- lift and tighten this area to achieve a more V-shaped look

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Facial Sculpting by Canada MedLaser

Why Should You Do Facial Sculpting?

Canada MedLaser is the leading clinic for medical aesthetics in Toronto that provides each client with professional, customized and effective treatments with FDA and Health Canada approved resources.

With a complimentary consultation at Canada MedLaser, we assess your areas of concern and create a customized facial sculpting treatment plan to fit your needs. Botox or Dysport may also be recommended to use in combination with dermal fillers for even better results.

Canada MedLaser uses only the best dermal fillers on the market that only contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural ingredient that is already in our skin but reduces as we age.

It is a humectant, which means that it attracts and binds to water molecules and can hold over 1000 times its weight in water. When injected, the hyaluronic acid dermal filler delivers intense hydration under the skin, which increases its volume and creates a smoothing and plumping effect. Because hyaluronic acid is natural, it is very safe to use and there is little to no risk of an allergic reaction.

The changes to the appearance of your face should be subtle, and most people will be unable to pinpoint the change—they will only notice that you look better! Once injected, it can also be dissolved right away by using hyaluronidase, if you are unhappy with any of your results.

Do you want to bring back a more youthful, healthy appearance to your face? If so, facial sculpting is the best solution you are looking for!

Get Facial Sculpting in Toronto Today!

At Canada MedLaser, our expert cosmetic technicians have been helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful looking skin. From facial sculpting and micro-needling to chemical peels and laser hair removal, our friendly and highly-trained team of professionals can craft a custom-tailored treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. 

Contact Canada MedLaser today for a free consultation.

Face Sculpting Trends – a Perfect Jaw Without Surgery

Face Sculpting Trends

Jawlines can be a significant part of how we feel about our appearance. Surgery can be done on your jawline, but it is an intrusive and painful procedure. The thought of surgery can be frustrating for someone who wants to improve their jawline, but do not wish to undergo extreme measures to achieve their dream jaw.


Thankfully, there are medical aesthetic technologies that are used to help achieve a flawless jawline with no surgery or downtime needed! Some of these include Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting), HIFU technology, Botox and dermal fillers.




The double chin is unwanted fat surrounding the jawline. It can be hard to target since there are not many exercises for your jaw. Even with exercise and diet, your chin fat still may appear even after you’ve made healthy changes. CoolSculpting is a technology that can help freeze away stubborn fat. Using CoolSculpting technology, you can contour your neck area to reveal a slimmer and tighter jawline.




Botox is a treatment known to treat and prevent wrinkles from appearing on the face. It is not widely known, but Botox can also help change the shape of your jawline. Botox can be used on patients who want to tone down overly large or square jawlines. This procedure is popular with women who believe they have too muscular of a jaw. Botox is injected into the jaw, and it helps relax the muscles and weakens them over time.


This procedure is also ideal for people who suffer from bruxism and have a muscular jaw due to the condition. The Botox can freeze your muscles and stop your jaw from grinding at night and also decrease inflammation in your cheeks and jaw.

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Dermal Fillers


Treating the jawline with fillers is an excellent treatment for those who have lost volume in their jawline. With the use of fillers, you can plump hanging skin to make it appear more youthful and lifted. Fillers can also be used to sculpt the jaw to your desired shape and make it look more pronounced and strong.


Skin Tightening (HIFU Technology)


Treatment using HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology can be used to help reveal the appearance of a tighter and broader jawline. The technology is used to create a deep tightening in the muscle. This treatment is ideal for those who have sagging around the jaw and neckline. Results using this treatment can last up to two years.

So many incredible options for jawline reshaping treatments without the use of surgery or downtime. With the use of one or more of these treatments, you could have the jawline of your dreams in no time. Before deciding on a treatment book a consultation with a professional to find out the best way to achieve the results you desire!